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Flip Dolls 19Flip Dolls 2
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I was so excited to be a part of Laura’s Flip Dolls pattern tour, mostly because I was obsessed with making this doll ever since I first saw the book last summer, and it is absolutely one of my favorite things.  I mean, when I showed him the “Jayce doll” he smiled, but when I flipped it inside out so that Jayce became Batman IT BLEW HIS MIND.  And rightly so, I think.  It’s pretty great.   
Actually it was such a hit with my son that I couldn’t resist whipping up a little something for my daughter.  But more on that in a minute.  
Flip Dolls 16First up is the one, the only, Batman. 
Flip Dolls 3As soon as I saw the Superhero Flip Doll Pattern, I had only one idea in my mind: Jayce and his love for Batman.  Now, there are as many versions of Batman as there are actors that have played him, so I decided to pick one to use as my inspiration.
Flip Dolls 1This Imaginext one.
Now I realize it’s not exact, but this stopped me from jumping on Google every few minutes and trying to decide on a color for his suit, pants, boots, etc.  I wanted to keep the mask from the pattern instead of Batman’s traditional pointy-eared helmet, but I think that the symbol on his chest makes a pretty obvious statement about who this hero is.  
Flip Dolls 4I sketched and then cut the black batman symbol out of felt, and attached it to the yellow oval before attaching the oval to the body.  I did the same thing with the belt.
Flip Dolls 7And no, these superheros aren’t laying down in protest, they’re flying.  I thought my Batman needed a cape, as all superheroes do, so I gave him a cape that wasn’t long enough to stick out when he was in alter-ego form.  
Flip Dolls 5It just takes a quick flip for Batman to take on his alter ego form…
Flip Dolls 8and around here, that alter ego goes by the name Jayce.
Flip Dolls 10I used small felt circles for the eyes on each of the dolls, but embroidered the mouths and noses where necessary.  I love them.  Simple, sweet, and happy.  
Flip Dolls 20I had so much fun making Jayce’s stuffed toy that I just had to make one for Hannah as well.  Now, her favorite superhero is actually a villain. (Loki, if you’re curious.)  So I went in another direction and decided to use the Cat from the Owl and the Pussycat Pattern to make her this adorable stuffed kitty.
Flip Dolls 14Now, Laura’s instructions say pretty early on that any of the flip doll designs can actually just be stuffed and made into a single doll.  Since Hannah is 2 years old, not really capable of flipping a doll or really appreciating that she really has 2-dolls-in-1, I decided to go for the non-flippable option.  Plus, this sweet little kitty is just so cute that I never wanted her to be on the not-showing side, so now she won’t be. 
Flip Dolls 12There isn’t  a pattern piece for the bow or apron on this kitty, but I loved these aspects of the look from the Cat in the pattern so I just made some up.  I hand-stitched the skirt and bow to the body when I attached the felt eyes and nose.  Easy.
Flip Dolls 15The kitty has a long (only slightly) stuffed tail as well.  
Hannah named this cat Mew Meow.  I love it.  I’m very sure it is after a show that she watches sometimes with 2 plasticine cats called Mio Mao, but still.  I still love it.  Flip Dolls 18
Together they are one big happy family.  πŸ™‚
**I feel a little obligated to say that I was not compensated for this review, nor did I receive a free copy to review.  I purchased this book and liked it so much that I emailed the author. πŸ™‚  So it’s safe to say that all opinions are certainly my own.**
Enter the giveaway below to win a copy of this adorable book.  You won’t regret it.  
Have you already made a doll from this book?  If so, feel free to link up below.

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  1. I love the cape you added! I didn't even think about the different batman mask until you mentioned it – but it seems like that could be done with a little thinking…

    So neat to hear about your son's reaction, too!

  2. I love the projects that you did with this book. You've totally inspired me. Especially love the " Superboy" . It's hard to find projects for little boys and this is one of the best

  3. These are so cute! I love the flip aspect of the batman doll, but I LOVE the adorable kitty! My daughter would be thrilled. πŸ™‚

  4. My children are all out on their own–does that mean they are grown-up? Because I think they all would appreciate a super hero doll. I also have an employee who loves the Marvel movies–she would likely love a superhero doll as well. Would love the book so I can make them.

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