Batman in the ER

Jayce has been at various stages of sick for the past month, his allergies going crazy with the trip to Florida, Kentucky, and back, and the Illinois temperatures dipping into the 30s and then back in the 70s. It’s been a bit much on his little system and he’s been a relatively passive little guy in the process. But last week he finally kicked all of his symptoms and is feeling so much better. So the playing and pretending have been in full swing.

Fireman 1

For the past week it has been fireman rescue heros constantly. He wakes up, asks where his fireman hat is, and then wears it as he races his trucks and helicopter all around the house, lining them up at various stations, putting out fires and rescuing different toys, with a seemingly constant running narration. The firemen are all of the cast members ofFireman Sam, his favorite show, and occasionally Fireman Jayce is a part of the action as well.

Fireman 2

The other night Batman was injured. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Once there, he endured the following procedure, which I’m sure is pretty standard at all ERs.

Okay Batman, go like this. (Sounds of inhaling and exhaling.) Good.

Now, stand right there. Oh, you’re so tall!

Now, let’s get you a sticker.

It sounds a little bit like Batman was having a well visit with his doctor, doesn’t it?

I’m glad he doesn’t know what an ER trip is really like. I’ll take the well visit version any day.

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