Beach Baby

We ended up with one warm day in Florida, the last day, and I was so excited to get Jayce out onto the beach. He LOVED the sand, he couldn’t stop just turning it over in his hands and patting it, and of course trying to take a bite or two.

His aunt Mel built a few little sandcastles that Jayce promptly destroyed, and then tried to crawl all over the beach, holding onto his little shovel the whole time.
Waiting until Mel stopped waving to wave back, of course.

He didn’t seem overly impressed with the ocean itself, which we took him down to the edge of and let the waves get his toes. I think he was just a little bit overstimulated with the noise and sights at the beach, and the ocean was just a part of that.
He was completely worn out after his time at the beach and fell asleep immediately, in what I can’t imagine was too comfortable of a position.