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My mom came into town on Friday for a long weekend, which basically means her itinerary will be filled with lots of playing with the grandson, making her famous stuffed peppers, and taking on a painting project or two with me. I put her to work pretty quickly-she flew in Friday morning and by that afternoon we were already painting. I found this cool blue for our bedroom and we started in on it. We finished up on Saturday and had been planning on doing some shopping Monday before I dropped her off at the airport, but when Jayce was taking a nap I got this idea for some wall decor and we ended up spending the afternoon working on it instead. I picked these frames up from a yard sale last month and hadn’t done anything with them, so I thought we would see if they would go anywhere in the room. We spent too much time arranging, and rearranging, and grabbing other random frames from around the house to see what worked best, but this was what we stayed with in the end.

I didn’t like this medium colored wood, so I got some white paint from downstairs that must have been leftover from the ceilings or drywall, and brushed it on with a rag to tone them down.

Here Mom is holding up a few of the frames to test the height. I had my sister do this once when we first moved into our old house and she was helping me hang things, and she still brings up how I made her hold these really heavy pictures forever and her arms were killing her. Since Chelsea couldn’t come visit this time, I had to get this picture to show her that I tortured Mom the same way!

Anyway, I filled the frames with the same material that is on our comforter. I had some extra throw covers that I wasn’t using, so I used this striped pattern in one, a khaki linen in another, and a white linen in a third frame. I left a few of the other frames empty so that the blue from the walls could show through and this is what we ended up with.

This project seems more simple when I’m describing it here, but we had to get creative in figuring out how to attach everything and hang it on the wall, especially since most of the frames were missing the hardware on the back that hangs on the nail. I was pretty serious about making sure it that was secure, mostly since this will be hanging over our heads while we sleep! Even though it is thrifty decorating (less than $4 total :), I won’t care about that if one of these falls in the middle of the night! Anyway, we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves because we came up with this and put almost all of it together during a naptime!! Jayce, thanks for sleeping so well!!

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bedroom

  1. So cute! I think we think alike in terms of cheap decorating. I found these great old cabinet doors at a yard sale before I moved into my apt. – 5 of them for 25 cents. TOTAL. So cheap. So I blew up 8 x 10 black and white pics from a trip to England and lightly nailed them onto them and they're my favorite thing in my apartment.

    I love creative, thrifty decorating!!!

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