Bed Golf

These pictures are actually a few months old at this point, Jayce’s hair is a good indication of that, but this afternoon was still worth posting about.  The day that I walked into our bedroom and found Jayce like this, my first words were, “Jayce, no.  We do not golf on Mom and Dad’s bed.”  Chris had just gotten home, and he turned to me guiltily and said, “Actually…I kind of let him…do this.”  Since he was using these really light weight balls, I decided to just let it ride and snap a few pictures since he was having such a hilarious time.


Jayce started off with just a big pile of balls in the middle of the bed and was just kind of hitting them randomly.


But then, Chris started lining them up in a straight line, and having Jayce hit them one at a time.


He then started lining them up and calling off which colors Jayce should hit.  He obeyed, and would pick off the specific colors, even if they were buried deeper in the line up.  It was pretty funny, and I was actually kind of impressed.


Chris and I started off sitting on the floor on opposite sides of the room, with him shagging the balls and me snapping pictures.  When Jayce hit a ball towards me, I caught it and threw it at Chris instead of back onto the bed.  Chris reciprocated, so I threw a few more his way.  Eventually, Chris and I were ducking behind furniture and launching all of the balls at one another instead of refilling Jayce’s little bed driving range.  We had to stop once he started crying.  And Jayce was sad too.  🙂



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