Being Married is Like Having A Color Television Set, You Never Want to Go Back to Black & White

I am a sucker for sweet old people, particularly sweet old couples.


I love the movie When Harry Met Sally, partially because it has these short clips scattered throughout the movie of older couples talking about some aspect of their relationship.  It’s so sweet.


This is also why I found the movie Up to be super sad.  But it’s a wonderful story.




My grandparents have one of those sad but beautiful love stories.


My grandpa had various health issues towards the end of his life, a few heart attacks among other things.  I remember a few instances when all of the family members came into town, thinking that those days were probably his last, but he always pulled through.  He would surprise everyone by coming home from the hospital, a little weaker or worse off, but still kicking.


My grandma, on the other hand, declined very rapidly.  The details are a bit fuzzy because I was young when this all happened, but she was sick, they found out that she had cancer, and she passed away about 4 months later.


My grandma passed away during the day.  That evening, my grandpa passed as well.  It was incredibly sad, but also terribly lovely and romantic.


They had a dual funeral.  There were 2 nights of calling hours to accommodate the people who came to offer condolences and share their fond memories of the couple.  The line wrapped around the room and out the front door of the funeral home.  They certainly were loved and many came to say goodbye.


I’m feeling a bit sentimental today because Mom sent me home with a box of “stuff” from her house, and as I was going through it, I pulled out several items that belonged to my grandma.  I’m so happy to have them.


Furthermore, I saw this video the other day on a friend’s blog and had to share it.  It is impossible to see it and not sit around day dreaming about your grandparents love stories, or your own.  I should warn you that it’s sad, but like many sad things, it’s still worth it.





Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.







2 thoughts on “Being Married is Like Having A Color Television Set, You Never Want to Go Back to Black & White

  1. My grandmother passed away very similarly. She was sick, diagnosed with cancer, and then passed away a month later. She had just enough time to say her goodbyes and get her affairs in order. I'm kind of glad she never had to go through chemo, to tell you the truth.

  2. I was just telling someone about your Grandparents passing together the other day… I find it very romantic also. I have to say I think my only fear in life (well, before I had Timmy) was having to grow old alone if something happened to Tim, my Grandma has been on her own for 12 or so years now, and while we are so happy to have her around, I know there are days she would prefer to be with PopPop. Your Grandparents were very much loved. My Grandma always said "Mary never wanted to throw parties because she was afraid no one would come" but at her funeral my Grandma said "She was obviously wrong!" Love you!

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