Belated Birthday Celebrations

When Mom and Chelsea were in town we had a little mini-birthday celebration so that Jayce could open his gifts from them.




Among other things, he got this awesome inflatable red car, which was Lightening McQueen-ish enough to make him really happy.

He helped dad blow it up,


did a little driving,


and grabbed it’s headlights.  (Lol.)


The other best part about the car, is that it is actually a ball pit, something that has been missing in Jayce’s life for a little bit.  The nursery at our church had a ball pit in the 2 year old room, and we used to use that to get Jayce to go in there without getting upset.  “Do you want to go to church and play in the balls?!”  He was  so excited that he would wait by the door at home and fuss until we left.  But about a month ago, the ball bit was removed.  It was replaced by a few new fun toys, but Jayce still talks about the balls on the way to church.  So he was so thrilled to get balls for his house, and I am so thrilled to have 25 more little balls to pick up.  But it’s okay, it’s worth it for my little speedracer.








2 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Celebrations

  1. So much fun! I've never seen an inflatable car ball pit! That is awesome! They have a ball pit in our 1 year old room at church and Tyson is going to miss it desperately when he moves up next month! : )

    Another great family photo!

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