Big Happenings

I feel slightly guilty for posting things that seem so mundane on here even though I know some people do care about them. I just wanted to state once, after which I will stop apologizing for this, that I really don’t post every single thing that Jayce does. This is obvious from the lack of posts entitled “Jayce raises left arm,” “Jayce chews on fist” and “Jayce wears a sock.” That said, we’ve captured some milestones on film recently that I thought I’d share.

In the last few weeks, Jayce has graduated to his booster seat, and then his high chair. He seems so little in the high chair, but that could be due to me not ready for him to be there.

Last night we tried out the big(ger) bathtub, and Jayce was completely enamored with all of the water in front of him. Actually there are 6 pictures on the camera before this shot where he would look at the camera for a split second, but as soon as Chris would push the button, he was already looking back at the water in front of him. And once he started kicking he wouldn’t stop. Chris had to hold onto him while I washed him because even though he was slipping around in his little seat, he literally never stopped kicking until we pulled him out of the tub. Needless to say, he likes it.
Yesterday we started using his sippy cup with lunch (not pictured), and though he doesn’t quite have the hang of it, he was very interested in it and did drink some milk. He’s always trying to grab my water bottle from me and started holding his own bottle last week, so I figured I’d give it a shot and he seemed to be up for it.

I know it’s an old cliche, but I can’t believe how he has grown so much and so quickly! The high chair, big tub and sippy cup are the last of the “big kid stuff” that I had in storage with the mental tag of “for when Jayce is much bigger.” I didn’t think “much bigger” would be here so quickly!