Birthday #3

As I mentioned in this post, a large part of Jayce’s birthday was spent at our baby shower.  Actually, about 3 hours of the morning was at the shower, with an additional 3 hours at the post-shower nap.  It was a hot day, with lots of sweets and running around with friends, so we all took one heck of a nap when we got home.

Shower 7

But that morning, before the shower, we had some festivities at our house.  Jayce woke up, got into bed with us and wanted us to sing happy birthday to him.  We obliged, and then he wanted cupcakes, with candles, for breakfast.  Again, we obliged.  Chris had bought some Toy Story cupcakes at the bakery the day before and Jayce was so excited about them, he wanted one right away.

Shower 8

He loved them so much that he even prayed for them for the next few nights.  Sweet boy.

Since our shower started at 10, we got ready and headed out not long after breakfast.  We asked Jayce what he wanted for dinner that night and he requested Olive Garden, so that is where we went for supper.  That may seem like a funny place to take a kid for his birthday, but it was a little tradition that we started last year and were happy to carry on this year.  Since Jayce is still at that “kind of too young to really know what’s going on with his birthday” age, and we don’t have family around to celebrate and make a fuss with us, we decided to use the day to celebrate our little family.  We still make a fuss over him obviously, with gifts, cake and singing, but also are celebrating the 3 years we’ve been a family, 3 years of being parents, and his 3 years of life.  Olive Garden is one restaurant that we all really like, and where we’re guaranteed that he will eat well also, so we went there this and last year.

Bday 4

Olive Garden is also in the same plaza as Toys R Us, so after dinner, the boys headed over and picked up this fun little water table.  Or, as Jayce calls it, “my cool water ball toy.”

Bday 1

I’ve been aware that we aren’t going to be able to make it to the pool very often this summer because of the new baby, especially compared to last year when we would go 2-3 times per week, so I wanted to get something that Jayce could play in and cool off a bit and didn’t take up too much room in the backyard.  Also, he loves to play with his dishes and things in the sink so much, as I’ve shared before, so this gave him a little “outdoor sink” to play in, plus it came with an assortment of balls.

Bday 3

He was most excited about the balls once he realized that he could squirt Chris with the water that was inside of them.  Pretty cool.


Happy birthday little guy!  You are the love of our lives!



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