Birthday Boy Festivities

Bday 23

Jayce turned four while we were in Florida, and it was our first full day of vacation, so he had a day FULL of fun things.

Bday 3

He woke up and was ready for presents.  I had picked up a few small things for him so that he would have something to unwrap, but his real excitement was over a gift from his Aunt Candy, a Spiderman grooming kit.

Bday 4

He wanted to try it out immediately, so I handed the job over to Chris, and got my camera out.

Bday 5Bday 7

It’s a proud moment for a father, the morning that his son turns four years old and he learns to shave. 

Bday 9

After breakfast (Krispie Kremes), we headed to the beach.  We were there by 8:30, if that tells you anything about how early our day started, and it should.  Like I said, it was our first day in Florida, so “the beach the beach!” was all we’d been hearing about for days.  I didn’t take my camera over for fear of the sand, but my camera phone would do. 

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 Luckily, an early morning at the beach also meant an early lunch and an early naps.  Afterwards we headed out to putt putt.  It was in the 90s, so I stayed in the car with Hannah, who napped while the boys played.  She woke up just as they finished up and headed into the arcade too cool off a bit.

Bday 15

 Busted, Chris.

Bday 14

 I am forever discovering that I am one of “those moms.”  I don’t know exactly how to define what is under that category, but every once in a while I will do something, and then think to myself, “Oh, I’m one of those moms.”  It came out again in the arcade.

“Oh, well no, we’re not going to play Terminator Salvation.  But hey!  Look at this cool motorcycle game!” 

Bday 16

Never mind the fact that Jayce didn’t really weigh enough to make it lean from side to side to turn.  Notice that he is in the grass on the screen.  But he did finish and came in 8th place.  Out of how many, I have no idea, but he was happy.

Bday 17Bday 19

Then we headed out for a round of go carts.

Bday 10

They only did it once, on the “big cool track.”  Jayce seemed to like it while they were driving, but afterwards told me that he didn’t want to do it again until he was a grown up.

Bday 11

Then we went to dinner, and back to the condo for dessert.  

At the grocery store, I realized that if we bought a cake or cooked cupcakes, that we would then have a whole cake or full batch of cupcakes sitting around all week that we would then eat.  And we had already bought a cake for the birthday party in Akron, and baked cupcakes to take to Jayce’s class, so I opted for this semi-ghetto version.

Bday 22

But I totally recommend it.  Three yummy, soft baked, frosted sugar cookies.  It did the trick for giving him something with frosting and decorations, candles to blow out, and when the candles were removed, we had three tidy dessert servings.

Bday 24

But try not to let your birthday boy lean too far over the candles, or he might burn his eyelashes.  Luckily Jayce has lashes to spare!

Lash 1

Happy birthday little buddy!

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  1. Happy Birthday again Jayce! What a fun day of celebration! I can't get over his ribs in the shaving pictures, he might be even skinnier then Timmy! 😉

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