Birthday Girl

Hannah’s birthday was a few weeks ago now.  I really need to get on the ball with catching up on my blogging.  It appears that there is a 1-2 month lag time at the moment, and I’m hoping to bring that back to my usual 1-2 week lag time.

Anyway, Hannah’s first birthday was on a Friday.  I have struggled in the past with knowing how to celebrate my kids’ first birthdays, because there is a mix of knowing that they don’t know what is going on/care what you do/won’t remember it anyway, and wanting to do something to celebrate anyway.  Also, much like with Jayce’s first birthday, we had our big family celebration and presents with both families prior to Hannah’s actual birthday, but we still wanted to do something for her on the birthDAY.

IMG 0521

One of Hannah’s favorite foods is rice from the Mexican restaurant in town.  Seriously, she starts hopping up an down in her seat with her mouth opened wide as soon as they bring out our plates.  So we decided to go there for dinner and get her her very own bowl of rice, instead of just sharing with mom and dad as usual.  Then we went to Dairy Queen and got her a vanilla kid’s scoop.  

Hbday 1Hbday 2Hbday 3

It was a really beautiful evening and the temperature was perfect outside, so we just hung out and played out there.  

Hbday 10

Jayce may have helped her with her candle, but she didn’t need any help with her ice cream.  She dove in, face first.

Hbday 4Hbday 6Hbday 8Hbday 7

Who needs a milk mustache when you can have an ice cream goatee?

Hbday 9

It was a low key birthday.  Next I’ll share the non-low key birthday party.