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When we were looking at flats online, this room, was one of the things that sold me on the flat.  Does that surprise you?  It’s funny to look at this picture now and remember that, because we landed and I promptly ordered 80% of it to be moved into the garage.  But since painting/re-decorating isn’t really an option in our new place, I wanted the living room to be something of a blank slate, that I could decorate however I wanted and wouldn’t worry about any of it clashing with one another.  So the light and neutral walls, ceiling, carpet and trim were all perfect.
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Each time that I start to write this I feel a bit sheepish because it’s a little like, “Hey here’s my couch…and some shelves!”  I guess I’m used to room tours being the sort of things that you do when you’ve remodeled or redecorated a room, and this one is barely decorated.  But we have lived in London, in this flat, for 1 month and 1 day, so I know you’ll forgive me.  And I promise to update you when it looks pulled together.  But for now, it looks like a nice clean slate, and I like it.
Before, empty, except for the tv – thanks Chris!Hbath 35After, full-ish.
Lr 1Lr 5Flatlivingroom 3Chris insisted on a couch with chaise, but I was worried that the big long “L” part of a traditional chaise would take up too much room.  Chelsea and I found this incredibly comfortable 3 seater couch with a rounded footstool, so that it took up a bit less space, but was still perfect for putting your feet up.  I move it around every day.  I use it to block off toddler access to the hot heater and we often use it to build forts.  
Flatlivingroom 1Lr 2I got this little table and chairs to use on the other half of the room, in the little play area, but it quickly made it’s way in front of the mirror and tv.  

Flatlivingroom 14

We let Jayce watch cartoons while he eats his breakfast for 2 reasons:  1.) He’s super grumpy in the morning, and cartoon time lets him wake up a bit while being left alone.  2.) He doesn’t have much of an appetite in the morning for some reason, but being distracted by cartoons gets him to eat a bit more of his cereal.  This is probably not our best parenting move, but, it is what it is.

Lr 4Also, the table in front of the tv guarantees that milk, orange juice, and various crumbs stay (mostly) on the table, and are not all over the couch, cushions, or in the carpet.  For now, it’s staying there.
(Holy fingerprints on the mirror!!  I windex it twice a week, seriously, but apparently not this day.  Sorry folks, but fingerprints come with a couch-sized mirror in the living room.)
Flatlivingroom 6Flatlivingroom 2Yes, there’s a very large mirror mounted to the wall.  There is nothing to do other than embrace it, which we all have done.  The kids like to watch themselves play, and Hannah makes faces at herself in front of it every day.
Flatlivingroom 7Sometimes I switch this little spot around, but I always move the little storage cube back over.
Flatlivingroom 11Flatlivingroom 8The left side of the room has one of my favorite spots, and maybe you can see why.  There is a tiny little section that I’ve claimed as my own!
Lr 3 This fun little chair, (only 8 pounds, I think I screamed a little when I saw that)…
Flatlivingroom 16tall, bright windows… 
Flatlivingroom 18and a double-drawer desk make up a little work space for me.
Flatlivingroom 19Blogging/photo editing/Project Runway re-caps on the left, 
Flatlivingroom 21and sewing on the right. 
Flatlivingroom 20Oh yeah, that’s a sewing machine.  A sweet lady who I met at the knitting group loaned it to me because she said she barely uses it.  She drove it over and delivered it to my door!  How sweet is that?!  I was so happy!  
Flatlivingroom 22I have downgraded a bit from a craft room to a craft nook, but I love it.  I really didn’t think that I was going to have a space that was my own, so I’m just glad that I do!
Recently Updated2And if you’re wondering about that awesome calendar on a box, here is the scoop.  It’s an old air conditioner.  Which they covered up with a “scenic” calendar.  I don’t know.  Like I said, I haven’t really decorated yet, but this will be addressed.
Flatlivingroom 15And on the wall behind my little nook, we have a piano and shelves.  Nothing special here, but this is the rest of the room.  We had been told that we needed to keep the piano, but just found out last week that the owner’s sister will be collecting it!!  So something better will  be happening with this wall space, soon.
Recently Updated3I know, I know, it needs color, personalization, and to look a bit less like a large dorm room.  I’m working on it.  But for now, at least it’s not ugly, right? 🙂
What should I tackle first for the biggest impact?  Curtains?  Pillows?  Rug?  Wall hangings?  So many options. 
Did you see the other rooms that I’ve shared?  Click on the pictures below, or you can always find them in the London tab up top.
Hbath 34Laundry 16

And I’m linking up to Carissa again.  It’s been far too long.  Happy Monday!

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  1. a really lovely living room. well lit and it looks very inviting for someone who wants to relax especially when you look straight to the the gray couch 🙂

    dropping by from Miscellany Monday 🙂

  2. It's a lovely room. Love the couch (I so want to sit on!) and the pillows are amazing. My husband is a musician so the piano was interesting to me, too.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. LOVE the yellow chair! where is it from? I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your new place. I enjoyed following along with your projects in your old house.

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