Blankets, Converse, and a Dress

Jayce got Hannah this little “bear” before she was born. She hasn’t really taken to it the way that he did his bears, I think partly because, though it is very snuggly, it lacks that silky fabric that babies love so much. But I’m trying to transition her out of sleeping with her favorite blanket, (more on that in a minute), so I have started giving her this bear every time that I put her down to bed. I walked out the other day and she was snuggling it like this.

Monkey 2

It was so sweet! I kind of screamed, (I know, dramatic), and yelled for Chris to come look at Hannah. He came running in, eyes wide. He agreed that she looked super sweet, but asked that I refrain from screaming and yelling for him unless something is wrong. Fair enough.

Monkey 1

That blanket I’m trying to break Hannah of? It’s this one, which she loves to pull across her face, and hold onto each side until she falls asleep. Can I just tell you how many times I’ve stopped breathing for a second when I glance at the monitor and see her laying still, her face completely covered by a blanket? It’s not good. Now I just keep her door open a little and sneak in a few minutes after she’s down and take it away, or pull it far down in the bed so that she is only holding onto a corner. But she often wakes up when I take it off of her face, especially since she’s holding onto it with a death grip. I’m still working on this. I got her a new “bear,” with a silky side, and she’s not loving it. As I said, we’re still working on this.

Blanket 1

On Saturday afternoon, in one hour, I took this plain onesie and a few old t-shirts and made this adorable dress for Hannah. Isn’t it amazing?! I kept showing it to Chris and making him tell me it was cute, so I was obviously really pushing for feedback since he couldn’t care less about stuff like that. My friend Tiffany made one for her daughter months ago, I think when I was still pregnant and didn’t know the sex of our baby, and it was so cute that I’ve had it in the back of my mind ever since. I finally got my hands on some plain onesies and that was the end of it. I used this tutorial from KoJo Designs.

Dress 1

I realized the other day that apparently I need some Converse sneakers. Not really. They look cute on other people but ridiculous on me, a bad combination of skinny calves and big feet. It just doesn’t work and I prefer either boots or sandals as my shoes of choice. They look amazing on the kids, but Chris got his without my blessing. Oh well.

Shoes 1

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6 thoughts on “Blankets, Converse, and a Dress

  1. what a fun post! the dress looks perfect! love it! i laughed about Chris asking you to refrain from screaming unless something is wrong. i can't tell you how many times i have done the exact same thing and jason gets mad cause he thought something was really wrong. oops. : ) they really should figure out our screams and notice the difference. : )

    and those pics of her snuggling that bear are unbelievably precious!

  2. wow that dress is awesome@@ i wish i could sew.

    i was laughing at that photo of hannah's covered face. although of course it would TOTALLY freak me out and make my heart stop too if I saw that. at least she is comfortable..??? lol

    cute converse sneakers, i sorta want a pair too.

  3. read this last week but didn't get around to posting that the picture of the blanket covering her made me gasp out loud and laugh simultaneously, it was quite a reaction. Tyler did that a few times with his blanket too, I switched to a sleep sack immediately!

  4. Gorgeous post. I love the pictures –they capture the beauty of a sweet baby so beautifully.

    And the Converse? Absolutely and totally a favorite thing. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with Friday Favorite Things.


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