Blue Rose Miss Polly Dress

I am so happy to be on Suzanne’s Miss Polly Dress tour today because gosh is it a cute little dress!!

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 11I love a classic A-line shape because it’s an excellent way to showcase a fantastic fabric, like this one from Cotton and Steel’s Picnic line that I’ve been hoarding since the fall.  Suzanne is a master of A-line dresses and this one is no exception.  Her Debbie’s Birthday Dress pattern was the second pattern that I ever bought and I stalked her slightly until she released it!  I’ve made it a few times, including for one of my looks for Stylo last spring.

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 1Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 10

Beware.  It is apparently impossible to remove your hands from the pockets once they are (very quickly) discovered.  Hannah had her hands in her pockets almost the whole time that she was wearing it, aside from when I asked her to take her hands out of her pockets for a minute, which resulted in these below.

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 2Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 8

Modeling is tricky business.

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 2I opted for these sweet little cap sleeves, mostly because I was just in love with the piping detail and how you can see the lining peeking out from underneath the cap sleeve.  I piped the whole thing with my favorite color, this beautiful minty green/blue.  I would argue that it looks great with everything, but you could also make a case that I only buy things that compliment it since I always choose neutrals and cools, but I digress.

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 14The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but I used a regular zipper because I had this sunny yellow zipper in my stash and also because I’m such a rebel. 🙂  I’m also a sucker for a fun zipper and actually did the same thing with my Sunday Picnic Dress last fall.

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 1Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 19

Hannah was in full-on performance mode while she was wearing this dress, as she often is.  There are several photos of her smiling here but it’s only because I’m quick!  90% of the pictures I take of her she is talking or singing so there is normally something crazy happening with her mouth.  But today she was doing a song that she had learned at preschool this week, and then started guitar playing and moshing in the middle.  This girl.  I never know what I’m going to get!

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 18Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 12Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 16Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 20

But I think that any dress that makes your kid want to get down that much must be a winner. 🙂

Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 3Miss Polly Dress by Erin Always 24

There is a 15% discount on all Sewpony patterns during the pattern tour with the code MISSPOLLY15.  The discount and tour end today so grab yours now, before you forget!

Thanks again for having me Suzanne!!

And check out the following beautiful Miss Polly dresses for further eye candy and inspiration!

6 thoughts on “Blue Rose Miss Polly Dress

  1. It is totally beautiful Erin and I am in love with the fabric you used!!! I am glad you loved making Miss Polly! Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you it is such a great pattern! I already have fabric picked out for my next one!! Thanks for having me on the tour. 🙂

  2. You ARE such a rebel with that yellow zipper! But it’s so perfect! And love this fabric — it goes so perfectly with that pretty piping. She’s such a cute little model, hands in pockets or not. And who can resist those pockets, right? I don’t blame her!

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