Blue Striped Gardenia Dress

Gardenia Dress 3Gardenia Dress 11I was lucky enough to pattern test this Gardenia Dress for Cali Faye Collection last weekend, and it is so amazing!!  I imagine I say this a lot, but this is definitely a favorite!Gardenia Dress 1Gardenia Dress 19

It was my first time making and using piping, the yellow trim, and it was definitely a detail worth taking advantage of.

Gardenia Dress 2Gardenia Dress 12
The only bad thing was that I took Hannah’s measurements before I got started on the dress, which I haven’t done since the fall, and she is 6 inches taller (!!!) and her waist and hip measurements are each 1 inch smaller.  I don’t like the idea of her stretching out and losing some of that baby chunkiness even though I know that it is inevitable.  But now I have proof of what I already know has been happening-my little peanut has been growing!
But this growing girl needed a new billowy summertime dress, and now she has a perfect one.
Gardenia Dress 10Gardenia Dress 7
The back has this beautiful teardrop opening and it makes Hannah’s shoulders seem even more scrumptious that usual.  Which is not an easy feat.  It was a full dress, but since it fit her well across her shoulders and chest it didn’t have the appearance of wearing a dress that was a few sizes too big.  But it still looks like she can grow into it a bit as well, and I always appreciate something that she can wear for longer than the next few months.  When she grows another 6 inches it will be adorable as a tunic, but I really don’t want to think about that right now.
Gardenia Dress 18The dress has an option for pockets, which I never used to do because I was afraid to add any extra steps to a garment, but now I always do because who doesn’t love pockets?!  Hannah loves them, so much.  Obviously.  Plus her hands in her pockets helped her to see just how voluminous the skirt was, and after we went inside she kept standing in front of the mirror and twirling.
 Gardenia Dress 15Gardenia Dress 13
It had been raining for the past several days, so it’s actually just a (wonderful) coincidence that her rain boots match her dress so well.  But after a few minutes of standing outside Hannah started picking up little flowers, leaves, and pebbles, until one stone turned out to be a slug, and then she was done.  
Gardenia Dress 24Gardenia Dress 25
Poor girl.  
Gardenia Dress 23Gardenia Dress 6
But great dress.  I know I’ll be making another.

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  1. Super cute! I love that opening in the back – such a sweet surprise. And you did great with your piping! It's definitely a nice feature to have in your sewing arsenal.

  2. So fantastic! I was just thinking I needed to try to make something with this silhouette. I've been pinning it like crazy the past couple days!

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