Blue: The Kitchen Part 2

We painted the kitchen and it is beautiful. It’s crazy how finding just the right color can completely transform a room. It is now a perfect, airy, cool blue.


I keep just walking into the room and smiling. (If you want to see my unhappy before pictures, click here.)2010_04_02_7566

I don’t even mind that it is barely decorated, having a good color is decoration enough for now.


That said, I am enjoying filling it little by little. Before, none of the “accessories” in the house looked good in that room, but now they all do. After the room was reassembled, I just went around the house picking up my favorite items, bringing them into the kitchen and smiling at how lovely they all looked in the new light. 2010_04_02_7550 Ahhhhhhhh.


I feel like I should point out that, for the purpose of these pictures, the room has been moderately to heavily staged, and many items were removed. Jayce started running around like crazy when he woke up from his nap, and grabbing up all of the items that had been temporarily moved into the living room while I was taking these pictures. He would triumphantly bring each thing over to me, yelling excited toddler jibberish, as if he was saying “Toaster! My booster seat! Dish soap! I never get to hold this stuff!” He also just could have been excited about the new color.


Also, the color is Pelican by Olympus, which I got at Lowes.

Chelsea, now will you forgive us?

Also, I finally finished this PB knock off this weekend and posted the tutorial on Lemon Tree Creations if you’re interested. Yes, it will probably end up in the now-perfect kitchen.


14 thoughts on “Blue: The Kitchen Part 2

  1. OMG! I love it! You definitely chose the best color. I didn't hate your yellow wall color. But with the cabinet color, it just didn't seem right. I really love this color. It's very calming =D

  2. Looks great, what color is that? We hunted for a similar color, but it ended up too blue. I wish I could keep my counter tops that clean and clutter free!

  3. Blue has always been one of my all time favorite colors, I never tire of it and the different variations are so nice…you chose an awesome color and your kitchen looks so warm and cozy!~ Great pics too!

  4. Love the blue. I am going to be repainting my house soon, and I am on a blue, gray trip. I am having a Spring blog party that will start tonight, and I would love for you to stop by/

  5. You know it's the perfect color when you smile when you walk into the room. It looks like such a soothing, beautiful shade.

    I just went through this in my bathroom, so I know how hard it is to pick the right one.

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day!

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