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If you have read my blog at all in the past year, you may recall me talking repeatedly about the coffee shop that is right by our flat.  It has the best carrot cake and my favorite mochas.  The staff are warm and friendly and fun.  They have a constantly changing menu of ice cream that’s made in house, and I will not choose between their banoffee or salted carmel flavors any more than I would choose between my two children.  It is where I met my friends in the knitting group, which I still attend, but never do any knitting.  It is where we have taken every one of our visitors for either dessert, coffee, breakfast, or all of the above.  (We went 3 times with Mom and Chels.)  It’s the perfect distance from the flat for an outing: It counts as “getting out of the house” when that is what we need, short enough that Hannah can walk or push her stroller without being overwhelmed, but far enough that Jayce can blow off some steam racing there on his scooter.  We go every week, at least once, sometimes more.  

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You get the picture.  It’s all hearts and butterflies with this place.  We like it a lot and so does everyone around us, it seems.

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 In addition to great ice cream, coffee, and cake, South Street often sells a variety of fun little knick knacks.  Just before we left for the US this summer, I spoke with the owner about selling some of my handmade goodies in the shop, mostly the sorts of things that I make for gifts for babies and children, and she said yes!  This was 3 days before we left for a month-long trip to the US, so my head felt like it was going to explode!

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Luckily, over the trip, I had ample time to turn things over in my mind, make list after list, and attempt to think the whole thing through.  I decided to keep the name that I have used for my Etsy shop, but with a new logo and some re-branding.  

Jayce blues and branches

Once we were back in London I didn’t really have my head on straight until after Chelsea arrived, but once she was here, we spent 3-4 weeks assembling a small collection of goodies, (more than what is pictured below, obviously).

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We officially launched on October 11, 3 weeks ago today.  Chelsea went over with me as they were closing and we set up a little display, arranging and re-arranging things around until we were all happy.  

B Bcollage

(I neglected to get any good photos of the stuff, just a few iPhone photos since we were in a rush, but this should give you a general idea.)
I stopped in the next morning after they had been open for about 3 hours and had already sold a few ties and a bib.  Also while I was sitting there drinking my coffee a few moms came in and were exclaiming over the bodysuits and showing one another different things while I smiled to myself into my coffee.  That was really fun.  ðŸ™‚
Blues+Branches giraffes 6Blues+Branches giraffes 3
A few of the items, like the giraffes above, I only made a few of because I wanted to see how people responded to them before I made a dozen in different varieties and colors.  About 10 or so days after I launched, the owner messaged me and said that she wanted more giraffes, including more boy versions, so I made a little variety over the weekend and dropped them to her on Tuesday.  So it’s been fun.  ðŸ™‚  I think it will all be a little trial and error, figuring out what sort of things people are drawn to, and which things I like to make, and is a good fit with the amount of time that I have to give to it.
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As of right now, I’m starting to dive into making Christmas goodies.  There is a Christmas market in the shop in November that I’m going to put my stuff in, and after that I’m going keep a stock of my Christmas goodies in there.  I’m excited to get started and have a little stack of fabric already cut and ready to go into the machine once I have a minute.  
Jayce has been off this week for half term, it’s Halloween week, and our tv and dishwasher both broke this week.  All that to say, anything that I have made has been with the kids, and I’ve been channeling all of my energy into doing whatever it takes to keep us all happy, entertained, and not go completely crazy!  ðŸ™‚  Needless to say I’m looking forward to getting us all back into our routines next week, which should be good since it starts with my birthday! 🙂
Happy weekend!

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  1. Erin, you were made to do this kind of stuff. Your branding is gorgeous, and so are all of the goodies! I can imagine that I would respond the same way to things if I walked into that coffee shop! So glad its going so well! Can't wait to see the Christmas Goodies!

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