Boxing Day and Our Christmas Things

Boxing Day 4

On the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, Chris went back to work and the kids played all day long, still in the haze of so many new toys all at once.

Boxing Day 1Boxing Day 2Christmas Things 16

Chris’ cousin Sarah Jo had sent us a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers, and they made the kitchen seem really appropriately festive.  I loved them! 

Christmas Things 12Boxing Day 3

Chelsea and I just chilled out and let the kids do their thing, stepping in periodically to help find a Lego or do some face painting or make sure that Hannah didn’t color all over the carpet.  

Boxing Day 5Boxing Day 6

In spite of the fact that I start decorating in mid-November, I started taking down some of the decorations right away.

Christmas Things 15

 One of the things that didn’t make it too long past the big day were the lights that I had strung up in the kitchen.  You just can’t beat the warm glow of Christmas lights in the winter, so they were pretty much on all day long every day, from 7 am or so until we went to bed around 10:30 or 11.  One strand burned out on Christmas morning and the other went out the next day, so I took them both immediately down.  Strung but not lit Christmas lights are kind of depressing I think, so I didn’t let them linger.

Hannah Kitchen Rice 1Christmas Things 14

The other item to come down pretty quickly was our little 2 dimensional Charlie Brown tree.  
We had a fake tree and I really missed the smell of a fresh tree, so I grabbed one of the fresh tree trimmings from a local florist intending to make a wreath.  But I didn’t have any floral wire on hand on the day that I brought it home, and after a few days it had lost it’s flexibility and the ability to become a wreath.  When I was holding it I realized that even though it’s just the branch of a large tree, it really looked like a little Christmas tree, so I hung it on the wall with a few ornaments.  Actually, it reminded me of an old Christmas story that we used to read called Mr Willowby’s Christmas Tree, where the top of a large tree keeps getting chopped off and discarded and then finding it’s way into smaller and smaller animal homes.  The story is totally adorable, and after hanging the the branch on our wall I immediately jumped on Amazon and ordered a copy for my kids as well.  (They loved it, the story and the tree.)
Christmas Things 17But our tree fell down on Boxing Day.  So I threw it out.  But we have the memories… 🙂

Christmas Things 21

I didn’t really go all out with an Advent Calendar this year like I have in year’s past, but instead strung up these awesome little Christmas gift bags that came with numbered stickers, (thanks Ikea!!), and mostly just added sweets or Christmas crackers each day, and it worked.  (This picture is obviously when there were about 6 days until Christmas.) 

Christmas Things 22

As to the stockings, I ordered them online from a seller on Etsy, and even though I really like them, they’re pretty small.  They’re kind of the size of a regular pair of socks.  They’re like mini stockings.  
When Chelsea saw them she made fun of them, so to get my revenge I hung up one of her socks alongside of ours for Santa to put her goodies into.  Luckily for her, Santa was kind enough to give her presents even with a very small sock to fill.
Christmas Things 23
 And that was that.

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2 thoughts on “Boxing Day and Our Christmas Things

  1. Okay, I love ALL of your decor, as always. I do have to say that the stocking this is hilarious! Matt and I still use the ones we bought in Edinburgh which are about the size of a good boot sock. Stuffing them every year is a real treat! Also, what in the world is that thing Jayce has attached to the wall? That seems intense!

    On a final note…Hannah+tutu=cutest thing ever.

  2. Looks like so much fun. I love all your photos and I have got to get a copy of Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree. Sounds adorable. Love that you hung that branch up on the wall. So cute and clever! : )

    Also, I am with Patrice…Hannah in a tutu is too much cuteness for one to handle.

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