fraidy cat

My friend gave me this picture, which cracks me up.  We were trying to get Jayce to pet this little caterpillar and he just was NOT having it.  He really hates bugs.  I think this is my fault, something to do with allowing our friends to torture play with him and a fake cockroach. (If you haven’t seen this video it is well worth the 15 second time investment.)

Anyway, now whenever we encounter a ladybug (which is often) Jayce will point at it and go “Kkkkkk,” as in “yuck.”  He then takes off running down the hallway towards the laundry room where the dust buster is plugged in, because this is how we deal with bugs in our house, we vacuum them up.  He will wait for us to join him, or come back to get us if we take too long, and then run over to the bug pointing and chattering away until we get it.

I took a little video of him encountering a bug in our bathroom the other day and then attempting to off it himself.  Not as funny as the cockroach, but still cute.