Busting Out Baby Clothes

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I know that I’ve said it before, but I love a little assembly line sewing.

It may sound crazy, but if I work on just one project from start to finish, I get really bored with it and rarely finish it in a timely fashion.  Actually this gives me a little perspective on what it is about sewing that I find enjoyable.  Clearly I enjoy the front end of a project the most: finding a pattern, finding a great fabric that will fit perfectly, cutting out the pieces, seeing how it all looks as it comes together, and adding my own little tweaks.  Sometimes once I have come through all of that my enthusiasm (or if I’m being honest about my current state of life, my energy) will run out.  The project will get set aside in a basket of works in progress.

Sometimes I reach into that basket and finish these things in between other new things, and sometimes I take a week and finish them in one fatal swoop, like this time.

As I did I remembered the other really fantastic part of the process: the part where it moves out of my sewing room and into my kids closets, or even better, onto my kids!!  Woo hoo!!!

 Here is a short recap of my week of productivity.

WIP 6Michael Raglan Tee 14

1. Teddy Bear Raglan Sweatshirt

This tiny little sweatshirt has been in the in-between stage the longest, because I had been unsure of how to move forward with it, and I just kept stalling, waiting to think of a perfect solution.  This was the first thing that I ever made for Michael when I was pregnant with him, and it was previously loved as a newborn sleep gown.  After he outgrew it I couldn’t bare to pack it away with the other too-small clothing and I wanted to find a way for him to wear it again.

Michael Raglan Tee 12

Since it was previously sized for a newborn and he is now 4 months old and a strapping 14+ pounds, I didn’t have tons of options to choose between.  I used Brindille &Twig’s Raglan Tee pattern and made him this cute little sweatshirt, and I love it.  I wish the bear’s face was lower on the shirt front, but really I’m just glad to be able to see this bear face on his sweet belly a few more times before it gets packed up!

WIP 10

2.) Color Blocked T Shirt

This t shirt is a little bit of everything.  The bodice was from one of Jayce’s old t shirts, and the sleeves are from two of my old (favorite) t shirts, one of which I had already partially re-purposed into this Bimaa shirt for Hannah.  It’s a little out of my ordinary but still a few of my favorite colors and I love it.

Michael Raglan Tee 2

3.) Striped Long Sleeve T

This t shirt belonged to Jayce but was still in excellent condition when it was suddenly too short.  It’s from H&M’s organic cotton line so it was super soft and begging to be re-used.  Once again I reached for B&T’s raglan tee pattern and am so happy with how perfectly the stripes are matched up all around.  Matching stripes is just so satisfying. 🙂

Another thing that is so satisfying is when you are re-purposing old t shirts into new t shirts is using the old hem as the new hem, or the old finished sleeve as your new finished sleeve.  It saves time and gets me out of hemming, which I find to be one of the most tedious steps.

WIP 11WIP 12

4.) Owl Overall Romper

Overall baby 2

I had so much to say about this little romper that I wrote a whole post about it.  I modified it almost a dozen different ways, and still have ideas on how to make my next one perfect.  But this one is still pretty scrumptious as is on Michael. 🙂


5.) Striped Grandpa Cardigan

We’re entering into that season where it’s warm outside but cold inside from the air-conditioning, so lightweight sweaters are a necessity.  I wanted something without a hood since Michael is still laying down and that just seems to be the most comfortable, so I whipped this up.  I used B&T’s Grandpa Cardigan pattern, but omitted the fold over cowl, extended the front bodice pieces slightly to make up for the coverage lost with the cowl, and and instead attached a long button band that wraps around the cardigan opening.  I haven’t added buttons yet and I kind of like the informal nature of one side just being tossed over the other side.  I did re-enforce the band with interfacing so it is ready for buttons and button holes, I’ll just do that once he is a little more mobile.

Maybe. 🙂

WIP 15

6.) The Purple Kitty Dress

Last on my list is for the person who was previously the recipient of most of my sewing efforts, Hannah. 🙂  She has just grown out of 90% of everything that I have ever made her (waaaah) so a few new dresses are on the list before summer. I knew she would go crazy for this kitty patterned fabric and she loves the easy fit and twirl-ability of the Desert Rose dress that I made her last year, so I used that pattern again.  Since she is growing straight up these days I added a band to the bottom with extra length hidden away in the folds to be let down at a later date.

And that is that!

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