It has been a very busy weekend. We have been on the move a lot the last few months, with various trips taking us out of town, lots of hours logged in the car, of lots of experimenting with which of Jayce’s snacks are car seat friendly (ie. few-no crumbs), which toys will keep him entertained for 5+ minutes before being chucked to the side, and which toys are too loud for mom’s patience. We have been looking forward to this weekend, as a no travel weekend, for us to get some things done around the house and relax.

Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen. Jayce has a few teeth coming in so he’s been extra sensitive. At the moment he has the emotional capacity of a premenstrual teenage girl. A few days ago he looked at me as he threw something on the floor from his highchair, I shook my head at him, and he burst into tears. This was not an easy day.

Friday we went for his 1 year shots, which he has never really had any reaction to in the past other than crying at the initial prick, so I wasn’t worried going into it. He was supposed to get 3 shots, but when the nurse was giving him his third one, somehow she jerked or he smacked her hand or something, and she ended up pricking him and then pricking herself with the same needle. He had to get his third shot redone, and have some blood drawn to be tested, as is protocol for this sort of thing. I am confident that he doesn’t have HIV, AIDS, or Hep C, but they had to do the tests anyway.

I can assure you that there is little as sad as having to restrain your child while he has his blood drawn, especially after he has already been stuck 4 times in the last 15 minutes and knows that something bad is coming. Luckily Chris did the restraining, but I still had to watch. Jayce was doing the full blown crying too: sharp breaths while his head snapped to the side, tears streaming off his cheeks and dripping onto the arm that Chris was holding him with, and some good wails. It was sad sad sad.

Unfortunately the weekend didn’t get much better. Jayce woke up with a fever the next morning and has had one ever since. His temperature continued to climb despite regular doses of Tylenol. Motrin is helping a little, but he’s been 101s to 103s continually. As you might imagine he hasn’t been too happy of a kid, he wants to be held constantly and doesn’t really want to play. This calm and snugly version of our baby is sweet, but when he’s so warm I’m worried about my body heat keeping him from cooling off very much.

He did take a good long nap on Saturday and Chris and I dashed off in different directions, still trying to make this a productive weekend. He went outside to mowing, weed eating and mulch beds, and I headed towards laundry, cleaning bathrooms, sorting clothes for consignment and dishes. So we did get a little bit done.

Anyway, there are several other things that are going on/have gone on that I want to write about, but this one is currently overshadowing all else and I think I just needed to rant a little. He is currently taking a nap and I should be doing the same. Darn that delicious coffee!

So when do I reach the point where a constant fever is something to be concerned about and not just to be attributed to shots and teething?

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  1. Needles are the worst. I feel like we have been traumatized by them more than Laurelei has. Hope the fever will go away soon!

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