Busy Boy

To continue on my discussion of the things that keep Jayce busy, that have little or nothing to do with his actual toys, I give you…stuff under the couch.
This is the most common way to find Jayce in the living room these days. With a multitude of toys that both can and do roll under the furniture, he keeps very busy. Sometimes he actually does reach an object, but he always is reaching for something or another. As soon as he does retrieve a ball or block from under the couch, he immediately throws it back on the hard floor where it bounces and rolls to a new destination.

We’ve had a lot of company in the last several weeks, and I’ve felt bad because Jayce has tricked most of them into getting down on their hands and knees to get whatever toy is just out of his reach. He is particularly convincing because he makes that grunting noise that you make when you are straining to reach something. I realized that he picked that up from me last week when I was legitimately getting something from under the furniture, and was carrying on in that highly animated way that you do when you have a little kid. (Oh look! There’s your basketball! Let’s see if I can get it…rrrrrrrrr…here it is!!) He promptly laid down to retrieve some blocks, complete with straining noises, and has continued to ever since.
He also made a mess of the laundry,
but then helped me dust mop the floors.
I thought this behind the back move was pretty impressive!

He has been climbing in these old laundry bags, and running around with them over his head, crawling around in them and then rolling around on the floor. This has really been cracking all 3 of us up!

The below picture does have to do with his toys, but was too sweet to not post. It is from this morning when Jayce was starting to wind down before nap time. He went and grabbed his pacifier and bear, and then climbed into his dump truck despite it being half full of blocks. He just sat in there and watched Handy Manny, periodically pulling out a block from underneath him to pitch out the side. I decided to rescue him shortly after and dropped him off in his crib, which seemed to be a much more comfortable spot to wind down and drift off to sleep.