Well, my month of every day weekday blogging is over. And now that it’s over what did I think of it?


I don’t know that I actually made a lot of progress like I hoped I would. I still have a dozen unfinished blog posts sitting in my drafts. I had hoped to get time to just sit down and power through them, but the truth is that I don’t have lots of time to sit down and power through anything these days. I keep thinking I’m going to sit down and power through one of the things I’d like finish, projects, decorating the house, cleaning the house, cleaning out Hannah’s already too small clothes, photo editing (have I mentioned that I have a few variations of monthly photos of Hannah that haven’t really seen the light of day?). There are a few things like that.

I think that the once-a-day blogging didn’t really save me a lot of time, because if I didn’t feel the push to get something out in one day, then I would have collaborated the mini posts into longer posts. Like, instead of having 4 mini posts to catch up on our time with mom, I would have 2 longer posts. I always like the idea of NaBloPoMo, but the reality is that it is always the worst month to attempt it: just coming out of Halloween, 3 family birthdays including mine, Chris out of town for 5 days for the SBL, traveling to and from somewhere to celebrate Thanksgiving, and starting into the Christmas season, it’s all just a bit much for 23 days of blogging as well.

The truth is that we are in a season of craziness right now. The first season was when Hannah was a newborn and we were getting our feet under us, and the other is now. It is taking Jayce until 9 or 9:30 some nights to get to sleep, and the same for Hannah, which means that once they are FINALLY in bed, we are exhausted. And we still need to clean up dinner, the house, maybe get some work done or attempt to relax, and the last usually doesn’t happen. We have stopped watching all of our shows because the kids are always awake and we don’t have DVR, though we still catch up on a few of them that are free On Demand. Chris and I haven’t been on a date since Valentines Day, and we are in that tricky stage where I am still exclusively nursing Hannah so I can’t leave her for too long, (AKA, enough time to go out of town and be back), and we aren’t comfortable leaving the 2 kids together with a babysitter. This week the kids have been sick, and it’s just added to the overall tiredness of this stage.

It’s still great, and I wouldn’t trade my life, even the crazy parts, for anything else. But it is crazy.

So, of NaBloPoMo, I think, it made me tired at a time when I’m already tired. So I probably won’t be doing it again. Another month maybe, but not this month again.

December, you’ve never looked sweeter!

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One thought on “Busy

  1. We feel the same way! The kids are in bed earlier, thank goodness, but our down time is next to nothing. If we didn't have family in town, it would be so hard. Going back to work has really added some craziness to the mix!! Hope things slow down, just a tad.

    All that said, isn't this kind of 'busy' sweeter than you ever imagined? 🙂

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