Cedar Point

One of the big activities that we were really excited about while we were in Akron was a big trip to Cedar Point.


Since I grew up in Northern Ohio, I went to Cedar Point all the time throughout middle and high school because it was that place.  You know, the one that is perfect for capping off prom weekend, summer youth group activities, end of the school year field trips, and road trips with friends.  However, since I moved out after high school graduation and never moved back home during the summer, I haven’t been there since high school.  As in over a decade!!

Furthermore, Chris has never been.  Justin, Chelsea and I have been talking about how we need to take him for years now, so this last week we finally pulled it off.  And it was awesome.


I was just a little bit worried that we had built it up too much with Chris.  It is just such a fun theme park that it is hard to hold back your excitement, let alone not talk it to death with someone who has never been.  Luckily, it did not disappoint.


One of the fun/nny things for me was all of the things that were different from me, mostly based on my perspective.  Monday morning when we were driving to the park, I was wondering whether drinking coffee would make me feel sick when we were on the rides.  I was trying to remember whether or not this bothered me before, until I realized, no, I did not drink coffee in the morning throughout middle and high school.  I also did not have a cell phone, a debit card, or car keys to worry about whether or not to bring into the park with me.  There also is that whole different energy and stamina level of a high schooler verses a near 30 mom of a toddler thing I’ve got going on.  Yes, it was different.


But it was great!  There were new thrilling rides and though we were exhausted, we still pulled off a 12 hour day, staying from open-close and getting 8 different rides in.

My favorite was this ride, the one that I had no intention of getting on, the Dragster.  Look at the picture.  Yes, it is straight up and down.


When I went to Cedar Point last, the tallest roller coaster there was the tallest in the world, at 210 feet high, the Magnum.  Here are pictures of us going up the hill on the Magnum.


Notice there are multiple takes.


The ride up the hill was almost leisurely.  Like, “We have all of the time in the world…this thing is moving so slow…hey Justin, get a picture of us…wait, one more…wait, now just the girls…”  There was the time and the low stress level that is needed for things like that.


But now the Dragster is the tallest, at literally double the height of the Magnum. 420 feet!!  And just in case you missed this in the picture, you LITERALLY GO STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN THE HILL!!  It really made me feel old since what used to be the baddest and scariest roller coaster in the world has since been doubled.


What?  You want to see the Dragster in action?  Luckily for you, Chelsea got a little video of it.  Okay, I’ll shut up about it.  But something about going from 0 to 120 mph before we had even started to go up the hill made a real impression on me.



It was a fun sibling day, just Justin, Chelsea, Chris and I, a perfectly sized little group.  Mom and Jayce stayed home and enjoyed spending the whole day together, which was the perfect way for us to take advantage of all that the park had to offer.




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  1. This is too funny! I've been following your blog (and love it!) for a couple of months and had no idea you were from Akron. Same place I'm in now and was surprised to see Cedar Point. I completely understand the difference from going when we were in high school to now – it's much more exhausting. Hope you had a great time!

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