Celebrating 2

We’ve had a bit of a dilemma about Jayce’s birthday each year, because we don’t have any family nearby to have just a little family party, and since Jayce is still young, we don’t know if a “friend party” includes his friends or ours.  So this year we decided that we would celebrate his birthday as kind of a “2 years of being a family” sort of thing.  Which for us meant that we went out to eat at a place we all like as opposed to a “kid place,” (Olive Garden, if you must know), then went to Toys R Us, and then came home for cupcakes with a few friends.  (He was so excited about the cupcake and the candles, look at that ornery grin!)



The next day, we all headed out to the Peoria Zoo, which we hadn’t been to before.


We made the dreadful parent mistake of forgetting the stroller, so we rented a wagon, which Jayce insisted on pulling instead of riding in.  But at least we didn’t have to carry the diaper bag, camera bag, water bottles, etc.


There was a brand new Africa exhibit, which was incredible.  The day was also astonishingly beautiful.  It had that perfectly warm but not too hot mid 70s thing going on, blue skies, sunshine, and since we were out by lunchtime, we timed it just right to miss the crowds.


I also am going to break my self-imposed rule about how many pictures to use in a single post, because there were just too many great ones from the day.


A perfect little profile.  If only Chris had been looking back at Jayce, but I still love this one.


And hey, I made it into a picture!  That’s me!


I always take this shot, I just can’t resist it.


When we came home, Jayce went straight outside to play with his favorite new toy, his lawnmower.  If you are wondering, “Why the fireman hat?” the answer is, because he walked past it on the way out the door.


A momentary pause in mowing to help with some other lawn maintenance,


but then he was back to the mowing,


and we had a perfect little family weekend, which I am looking forward to reliving this Memorial Day.








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