Chelsea and Hannah

Chelsea and Hannah 4This post is a few months old, which is why Hannah is wearing diapers, but I came across these pictures the other day and couldn’t resist posting them. Hopefully Chelsea won’t kill me. 

Chelsea and Hannah 1Chelsea and Hannah 2
You could say that Chelsea and Hannah have a special bond.  Or you could say that Chelsea loves Hannah a lot and lets her get away with murder.
You could also say that Hannah is the boss of Chelsea.  She’s not.  But sometimes she is.
Chelsea and Hannah 3
Hannah has a tendency to charge into Chelsea’s room and take over her bed.  Or her iPad or iPhone.  She grabs a pen or highlighter and starts drawing on Chelsea’ notes and re-organizing her papers.  She joins in on Chelsea’s phone conversations with mom or Chelsea’s boyfriend, Sonny.  
Oftentimes when Hannah is talking about something that she has done or is going to do, she’ll include Grandma and Sonny, even though they obviously aren’t here.  But it’s almost like she thinks, Chelsea is here, and Grandma and Sonny are Chelsea’s “people,” so they are included in Hannah’s group of people as well. 
Mom, I’m going to my ballet class with Mommy and Hannah and Jayce and Mommy and Daddy and Chelsea and Grandma and Sonny and Mommy and Chelsea and Hannah and Grandma.  (We get a little circular sometimes when we’re naming names around here.)
Okay Hannah.  Although only two of those people are going to your ballet class.  But okay.

Chelsea and Hannah 8Chelsea and Hannah 7

On this morning in particular I was testing a pattern for the shirt that Hannah is wearing, so I took a few pictures of her in it to send to the pattern creator.  But Hannah decided that she was over it and charged into Chelsea’s room, demanding her attention.  She grabbed this Halloween card that she likes to get spooked by, and her and Chelsea snuggled and chatted.  It was sweet, even from such a bossy little rascal.
Chelsea and Hannah 9Chelsea and Hannah 10On this occasion she didn’t even demand that Chelsea paint her face, or her toes.   
Chelsea and Hannah 11Random, I know.  But sweet.