Childhood and Motherhood and Oatmeal and Walks

Below this picture there is a video of Hannah eating her oatmeal, and I love it so much.  
Oatmealcard 1But I have to be honest, she’s just sitting at the table eating oatmeal.  There is no fun music and no narrative to help tell the story.  She doesn’t say a word throughout and there is no funny ending if you make it all the way through.
BUT…it is hilarious.  
I recorded it a few weeks ago, but when I pulled it up last night I watched through the whole thing.  Twice.  And I laughed, because it is SO HANNAH right now.  She is sitting in front of a blank white wall, but her eyes move back and forth over it constantly.  Her face is incredibly expressive.  And she opens her mouth so SO wide for every bite that it’s almost comedic.

 I realized that one of the reasons that I find photography and blogging to be so satisfying is that it’s both a collection of my kids’ childhood and of my motherhood and Chris’ fatherhood.  A video of 2 year old Hannah eating oatmeal for lunch is a satisfying snapshot of 2 minutes of my day right now.
On this day, the oatmeal day, Hannah got a birthday card from Grandpa Brad with stickers in it, and she promptly sat herself down in the doorway to apply the stickers to the card and then herself.
Oatmealcard 2Oatmealcard 3Oatmealcard 5Oatmealcard 7Oatmealcard 6Then she wanted to take Upsy Daisy for a walk, as we do pretty regularly these days, so we did.Daisywalk 1This walk in particular (with or without Upsy Daisy) is one that we take often throughout the week.Daisywalk 2Daisywalk 4It’s the first part of our weekly trip to the  coffee shop for homemade ice cream, coffee, and cake.Daisywalk 3Daisywalk 5It’s the start of a trip to Richmond, a trip to church, or a trip into the city.Daisywalk 6Daisywalk 7Daisywalk 8Daisywalk 10Daisywalk 11It’s the way to a favorite park, the library, the gym, and to Chris’ work.  This little walk is something that we will always remember.  But on this day, it was Upsy Daisy that was getting the royal treatment, Daisywalk 12Daisywalk 13Daisywalk 14with kisses, flowers, and a good push down the hill.
Daisywalk 15Daisywalk 16Daisywalk 17Daisywalk 18It was a sweet, simple, and very common day full of all of the sorts of things that I want to remember.

5 thoughts on “Childhood and Motherhood and Oatmeal and Walks

  1. Also, that video is completely perfect. I love her sweet expressions and how wide she opens her mouth. Such a simple and precious thing to record. She will only eat her oatmeal for such a short time in that way and it's wonderful.

    p.s. did you all not take any kid spoons with you to London?

    : )

  2. Erin–I haven't been keeping up with your blog and I decided to look today and that video made me smile for the full 2 minutes! Hannah reminds me so much of Ella right now. This age is just so precious and makes me motivated to transfer all the videos I have to a quality format. I am blessed by your blog friend!!! You remind me to slow down and notice the little miracles I have right in front of me!

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