Chris’ Birthday

Chris’ birthday was almost 3 weeks ago now, but I didn’t want it to go by without noting a few fun highlights.  We celebrated on the day, but it was the week when we were potty training, which I woefully discussed here if you missed it, which may help to explain why it has taken me a while to get these pictures up and why Jayce isn’t wearing pants. 🙂  But his crossed ankle in this picture cracks me up, he does that all of the time.

Birthday 4

Jayce got busy coloring a “Happy Birthday Dad” sign while I cooked, which I thought he did really well on given how small the space was to color!  I didn’t get an after shot because Chris took it to work with him, but on one of the letters he messed up and colored outside of the lines (I think, he didn’t really explain this to me, I was just watching from a distance), so he kind of let out a frustrated yell/growl and furiously scribbled all over that letter and all around it, kind of like a big square.  He then went on and colored the rest of the letters like normal.

Birthday 2

In lieu of a birthday cake, which Chris doesn’t really like, we made scotcheroos, which he REALLY likes.  So does Jayce, and so do I for that matter.  I left the room for a minute and came back to this.  He didn’t even have the courtesy to look guilty.  He just glanced at me, turned back to the scotcheroos and dipped his finger in for more chocolate.  Little rascal.

Birthday 6Birthday 5

Jayce had helped me wrap Chris’ presents earlier that afternoon, and when I brought them into the kitchen to put on the table he got really upset and demanded that I put them in the living room on the ottoman.  When I went in there were a bunch of toys on the ottoman and I started to clear them off into the toy box, which set Jayce off again.  “No Mom! Toys for Jayce and Daddy to play Mom!!” When I looked back at the pile it appeared that these were actually a carefully selected collection of toys, basically all of the medium to large sized vehicles that Jayce owns.  I remembered that the day before they had all been lined up and Chris and Jayce were racing them, so apparently this was on Jayce’s agenda for the night as well.  So we stacked Chris’ gifts and sign right next to his evening activity.

Birthday 8

When Chris got home, he opened presents immediately, before dinner or anything else.  It’s hard to turn down a kid who is excited to give presents, especially when there is no real reason to make him wait, so we didn’t.  We then moved into the kitchen for a birthday song, candles and scotcheroos.  You may notice that there is already a big piece taken out of the “cake.”  It’s also hard to turn down a birthday boy who wants some dessert even when it isn’t quite time for it yet.  I think my boys must have some sense of entitlement about their dessert around here.

Birthday 7



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