Christmas #1: Our Christmas

Since we traveled to Louisville for Christmas this year, we decided to do our family Christmas a week early.  It was so so fun.  Even though Jayce knew what was going on last year, this year was infinitely more exciting.


We started Jayce off with his pizza shop and it was a hit!  I knew he would like it but he LOVED it!  He immediately put on his apron and started assembling pizzas for us.  Actually, any time that he plays with his pizza stuff he demands to have his “pizza shirt” put on first, which is pretty sweet.


We let him play with the pizza shop for about 10 minutes or so before we had to “make” him move on to the next present.


He/we received this fun collection of classic Christmas movies.  We thought it would be a good way to pass some time on our Christmas drives to and from Louisville, and, who am I kidding, we kind of got it for us.  🙂  We love those old Christmas movies and have been trying to catch them all on TV to watch as a family as much as possible.


We got Jayce his first big electric train set and he was thrilled!  One of the things that made this year so fun for us was how excited and animated he was about everything.  When he ripped the paper off of this he yelled, “Choo choo dad, choo choo!!”  When he opened his movie, he said “Wooooooooooow” in a loud drawn out whisper.  Hilarious, every time!


He obviously wanted his train set to be set up immediately so that he could play with it, and we were happy to oblige.  (Notice he’s still wearing his pizza shop apron.)  He got the hang of the remote and loading the train really quickly and watched it over and over.


I only had 2 things that I wanted to get Jayce for Christmas this year, his train and a little helicopter.  (We saw Santa at Walmart one day, and when prompted Jayce told Santa that he wanted a helicopter.  We had never talked to Jayce one way or the other about Santa, so he was oblivious to the whole, “Ask Santa for something and he brings it to your house” thing.  But I still thought that since he only requested one thing, we could oblige pretty easily.)


That said, when we were out shopping, Chris saw this and really wanted to get it for Jayce.  He told me, “This can just be from dad,” so I let him.  Check out this picture, who is more excited about this gift?


Yep, a little nerf gun.  If you’re thinking that he is too young for something like this, you’re right, by about 4 years.  So this present from dad, can only be played with with dad.  It is pretty cool though.  And as soon as Jayce is holding it, he juts out his little tough guy chin.  I think this helps with aim, and in general in being a tough guy.


When they are playing the darts can be found stuck to the TV, walls, the ceiling and occasionally bouncing off of mom…and then dad.  It was a pretty good gift.


I gave Chris a canvas wrapped photo of New College, the school where he studied in Edinburgh.  I took this picture when we were there in May and I knew he’d love something like this for his office.  (I actually got this through a free 8×10 canvas offer that I shared on Lemon Tree, but the promotion is actually still going on, so if you’re interested, check it out here.)  I had showed it to Chris a few weeks ago because I wanted to talk about it on LTC and I knew he’d see it on there, but I had re-possessed it until Christmas, so he was happy to get it back.


We were only home for 1 day after opening presents and before we left for Louisville, and on that day Jayce just constantly ran between playing with his pizza shop, his train set and his helicopter.  I’ve always been a big gift giver, but being a parent makes the whole thing so much more rewarding.  I don’t know who was more excited for Jayce to open and play with his presents, him or us!  And since there were no pictures of me opening my presents, I demanded a random Jayce and mom picture as evidence that I did actually take part in all of these festivities. 🙂




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