Christmas Afternoon/Evening

Christmas morning was spent opening and playing.  Then when the afternoon/early evening rolled around for us, we called our families and opened their gifts “in front of them” via Skype, then there was another round of playing.  And playing and playing.  Playing upstairs and then playing downstairs. Christmas 15
Christmas 16Christmas 17Christmas 18Christmas 19Christmas 20Christmas 21Christmas 22Christmas 25
Mom, my Rescue Heros tower is really big, but look, I’m still bigger.  
Christmas 24
He did a 20 minute happy dance/song when he unwrapped this.  Such a little boy.  Actually, Jayce had unwavering enthusiasm for every single package, declaring “Mom, I always wanted this!!” over and over.  Even with things like the charger for his LeapPad.  
Christmas 68
(We thought this was funny. Can you see at the top of Jayce’s LeapPad, it says “Select Language,” then lists the American, Canadian, British and Australian flags.  All places that speak English.  Guess which one we picked?)  
Christmas 7Christmas 51Christmas 26Christmas 73While we were in Jayce’s room, Hannah got into the dresser that they share, brought me this skirt and held out her leg, so I put it on.  (She also had duck socks on for a bit, but they were gone at this point.)  Anyway, it actually looked really cute!  That’s my girl.  When we were on Skype Chelsea said, “Is there a reason that Hannah is way more dressed up than you are?”  That was the reason.  My motto for Christmas day at home was, roughly, “whatever you want.”  She wanted to wear it, so she wore it.  I’m not going to be the one to get in the way of good style.Christmas 7612 DecemberKeepChristmas 11
However, the dress matching the tea set, and matching the kitchen accessories…well that was an honest-to-goodness coincidence.  Sure, I picked out those things, and I do like red and white polka dots, but I didn’t get them at the same time or intend for them all to be used together.  Pinky swear.
Christmas 27 2Christmas 27 Our day of playing wrapped up with a yummy turkey dinner, (patting self on back), getting the kids down a bit early, and Chris and I settling down on the couch all bleary eyed to watch a non-Christmas movie.  We had a good day, but by the end of it, we were all Christmas-ed out.  
Only 10 more months until we start the celebrations again. 🙂