Christmas at Kew: The Illuminated Trail

Christmas at Kew 24Christmas at Kew 15

For New Year’s Even this year we headed over to the Christmas at Kew Illuminated Trail.

Christmas at Kew 1

But first, we had the issue of Jayce and Hannah shouting “Helter skelter! Helter skelter!” over and over to deal with.  (Helter skelter is the slide.)

Christmas at Kew 2

Jayce had a few rides on it and then Chelsea rode the carousel with them.  This was perfect for me.  I didn’t have to do any spinning personally, and I was glad to get pictures because the delighted kids and the carousel, which was particularly beautiful with only the black sky around it.
Christmas at Kew 3Christmas at Kew 8Christmas at Kew 12
Then we headed over to the trail to get started.  

Christmas at Kew 14Christmas at Kew 18Christmas at Kew 19Christmas at Kew 22Christmas at Kew 21Christmas at Kew 20Christmas at Kew 16

I feel like I should offer some explanation of what was happening, or why certain things were lit the way that they were, but the truth is that I don’t know. There were various plaques and an informative map that you could follow along with, but we just kind of took it for what it is: A beautiful park where we love to go, that was roped off and lit up in various festive forms, and a fun way to give the kids some exercise and entertainment at night.  Even though we went after Christmas, it still felt appropriately festive, and like an unusual and special sort of thing to do, which was why I wanted to do it on New Year’s Eve.  

Christmas at Kew 25Christmas at Kew 27Christmas at Kew 26Christmas at Kew 29Christmas at Kew 30Christmas at Kew 31

Jayce walked through some of it and rode on Chris’ shoulders for the rest, while Hannah did some running and stomping in puddles but mostly kept to her stroller.  We stopped in the middle of the trail at the fanciest bathrooms that any of us has ever used in a wooded area, but otherwise just slowly plodded through it all.  I tried to get lots of pictures of us all in action, but I just couldn’t pull it off without a flash on my camera, which I hadn’t bothered to bring.  
Christmas at Kew 33Christmas at Kew 34Christmas at Kew 35Christmas at Kew 36Christmas at Kew 38Christmas at Kew 40Christmas at Kew 41Christmas at Kew 44Christmas at Kew 45Christmas at Kew 48Christmas at Kew 50Christmas at Kew 51
It was a great little trip.  The weather was in the mid 40s, so not too cold to walk around in for a bit, the trail was a little over a mile, so good exercise in fresh air but not so much that it wore us out completely, and even though it had rained all day long it stopped a few hours before we headed out into a clear night.  Perfect. 🙂
Christmas at Kew 53Christmas at Kew 55 
Four out of six of us were asleep by midnight.  I haven’t been awake for fireworks in years, and since I decided to go for a 3 mile run that afternoon before our adventure, I didn’t see any reason that this year should be any different.  Oh well, maybe next year. 🙂
Happy new year!