Christmas Eve Evening: Pictures, Pubs, and Punches at Church

Christmas Eve 1

There was a time in my life where I’m sure it would have felt strange to say, “We are heading over to the Christmas Eve service and then taking the kids to the pub for dinner.”  
But that time is not now, because that is exactly what we did.

Christmas Eve 3 2

The London Apprentice and All Saints Church are just a block down from our flat, and that is where we went for our Christmas Eve festivities.  

Christmas Eve 3Christmas Eve 4Christmas Eve 5Christmas Eve 6

We got a few pictures by the river, obviously, and then made our way to church.

Christmas Eve 2Christmas Eve 8Christmas Eve 9Christmas Eve 18

They were having one of those services with hearty kids participation, which Jayce wasn’t interested in, but Hannah was since she is always in performing mode.  

Christmas Eve 17Christmas Eve 19

But eventually there were bells involved and Jayce was interested in that…

Christmas Eve 22Christmas Eve 23

particularly once he realized that Chris and Hannah had joined the crowd and that he could harass Chris without much backlash.

Christmas Eve 24Ribbet collageChrisJaycechurch

He got in a few quick punches while I innocently took pictures and didn’t step in.  Don’t worry, it was a short song.

Christmas Eve 25

Then we went for our yummy Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve 10Christmas Eve 31Christmas Eve 35

I had already been planning to cook our Christmas turkey dinner on Christmas day, so we opted for a good option that was close by since we still had present opening ahead of us.  

Christmas Eve 38Christmas Eve 34Christmas Eve 36Christmas Eve 41Christmas Eve 40

The kids ate well, (though not as well as Chris, whose portion was enormous), and the pub was warm and festive.  

Christmas Eve 39

And five minutes after we walked out of the door we walked in our own, which, on some days, you just can’t beat.

Christmas Eve Presents 11