Christmas Eve: Grandparents Gifts

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Grandpa Andy, Grandma Patsy, and Grandpa Brad had all sent Christmas gifts, so we decided to let the kids open them up before Christmas so that we could spread things out a little bit.  

We talked to Grandpa Brad on Skype and opened his presents that morning. He got up at 5 am so that we could do it before he went to work and it was all worth the effort.  The kids loved everything, Hannah wanted to play with everything all together, and Jayce had about a 10 minute rotation where he would play with one toy, then run to another, then another.  But the Legos were first, of course.  

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The kids played with (and in) their new toys all day until we made them change for church that evening.

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After we got home from church and dinner, we called the Keith’s to open our presents from them.  We had opened a few earlier in the week but this time the kids got to dig in and open everything. 

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There was a little less time to play with everything, but they made good use of their time, playing with everything all at once.  Jayce immediately pulled out and then transformed each of the transformers, and Hannah was half in new clothes and half in a Doc McStuffins costume.  

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It was a big success, and a wreck, but it was all worth it.

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