Christmas Eve: Hanging Out

Dec24 1

Towards the end of the Christmas party I decided to take Hannah upstairs to chill out for a bit.  It was getting really warm downstairs with the dancing and then tearing into Christmas presents, and Hannah was being passed from person to person, and was getting pretty warm.  I had already taken off her tights and shoes, so I took her upstairs, took her sweater off and let her enjoy some time with some of her favorite things, her toes.

Dec24 27

This also gave me a chance to get a few pictures of my little sweetie in her Christmas dress, though this first picture looks unsettlingly like a Sears Portrait picture, with her in front of a tree backdrop, don’t you think?

Dec24 28

But then a dog and some furniture entered the picture, which alleviated the Sears-ness of the series.

Dec24 29

The red head in the photos below is Chelsea, if you don’t recognize her with her new do.  She instructed me, “Take pictures of me and Hannah, so I can use them for my screensaver.”  So I did.

Dec24 30Dec24 31Dec24 32

She then took charge of the camera, attempting to get a decent shot of Hannah and I.

Dec24 33Dec24 35Dec24 34Dec24 36

As we sat upstairs chilling out, the party downstairs started to break up and more people joined us in the living room, where we all sat and chatted for a while.

Dec24 39Dec24 40

Jayce hugged his cousins good bye,

Dec24 41

and then moved in to shoot uncle Justin Matrix-style.  I’m not really sure why.

Dec24 43Dec24 42

Then he started going a little bit crazy, since he hadn’t had a nap, had tons of excitement, and was a few hours past his normal bedtime.  So we let him partake in one of his favorite “keep him in one place” activities-play Angry Birds on someone’s phone.  This time it was Aunt Chelsea’s phone.

Dec24 44Dec24 46Dec24 47

We headed out just after 10 to attempt some rest in preparation for the next morning’s present extravaganza.  We managed a little bit at least.


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