Christmas in Ohio

My Christmas pictures are obviously incredibly overdue, and in an attempt to consolidate my efforts a bit, I turned to collages.

Family Time

Akron collage

Christmas Morning

Akron Christmas collage

My Big Fat Slovak Christmas Party

Christmas party collage

Okay, maybe not the fat part, but the rest is certainly true.  It is our annual family reunion/Christmas Eve party, complete with 50 relatives, a huge table of food, and gifts passed out by Santa and his elves.  I guess I never really appreciated how crazy it was until our generation started bringing boyfriends and spouses and saw their reactions.  It certainly is a big, loud party, but luckily it’s also fun. 

There is always some “thing” that the uncles put together to up the entertainment factor a bit, and this year it was these “New Dad” tool belts.  As you can see (top left and bottom right pictures), the new dads’ belts were stocked with face masks, goggles, rubber gloves, trash bags, diapers, antibacterial wipes, ear plugs, duct tape (because it can be used to fix everything, of course), hilariously hand made pee-blockers, and a pacifier on a string.  It was great!

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  1. so fun 🙂 what program do you use to collage your pics? Do you just post the file as a large pic? They seem bigger. Hope you are still have a nice January!

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