Christmas Morning Catch Up

I do realize that it has been nearly a month since Christmas.  But we have had a surge of craziness around here.  Sick kids, sick husband, second Christmas, traveling out of town, traveling out of country, Chelsea coming in town, birthdays and overall busyness.  As of this week, life will settle back down for a little bit and I’ll be catching up on here.

I know I say that a lot, but really, I will.

Christmas 4

These photos are from our Christmas morning at mom’s house, and don’t really require a lot of narration because they pretty much speak for themselves.  We had a wonderful lazy morning of unwrapping gifts, which probably took about 2 hours since our little elf wanted to deliver and assist in unwrapping most of the gifts.  So we stopped periodically to refill our coffee, throw away paper, I stopped to feed Hannah, and we enjoyed opening gifts with no rush.  Since Chelsea had Hannah, I got to take pictures at my leisure as well.

Christmas 1Christmas 3Christmas 5

Christmas 6Christmas 7Christmas 8Christmas 9Christmas 10Christmas 11Christmas 12Christmas 13Christmas 14Christmas 16Christmas 17Christmas 18Christmas 19Christmas 20Christmas 21Christmas 22


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