Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning 7

Christmas morning is such a fun time to be a parent, isn’t it?  I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a gift-giver, so I couldn’t be more excited about this sort of thing-I was squealing with the kids as they ripped open their gifts.

Christmas Morning 5

I don’t see any need to narrate here as these pictures speak for themselves, but I guess I will note a few things.
Christmas Morning 8
The kids got up around 7:30, late for Christmas morning, I think.  
The night before, Jayce left a note for Santa, which I saved but neglected to get a picture of.  He said that it was really kind of Santa to bring gifts to so many kids, so he wanted to leave Santa a present as well.  (Awwwww, my buddy!!  He’s so sweet!!)  
So, for Santa’s present, Jayce gave him some paper along with his sweets, “So that Santa can write notes back to some of the kids that write him letters.”  He chose some sticky paper of mine which only had about 15 or so sheets, so Santa will have to be selective about which kids get letters back from him. 

Christmas Morning 3

There are no pictures of any of the adults opening gifts.  Does anyone else ever pull that off?  Because I never can.

Christmas Morning 9Christmas Morning 11

One benefit of opening gifts at your house is being able to immediately integrate the new ones with the older ones.  Jayce got a lego set from each grandparent, and Santa, and is a sentimental box keeper.  He immediately stacked the boxes at his lego station, and they are still there almost 2 weeks later.

Christmas Morning 14
Christmas Morning 16Christmas Morning 15

Hannah was so delighted by this Peppa Pig umbrella that she rammed it through every “slightly too small doorway” in the house all weekend long. 

Christmas Morning 17Christmas Morning 18
Christmas Morning 23Christmas Morning 21Christmas Morning 24Christmas Morning 26

 The kids played all morning, stopped for lunch, then Hannah napped and Jayce took a break from Legos to watch Home Alone with us.  

Christmas Morning 28Christmas Morning 30Christmas Morning 31

Once we were into the early afternoon, we talked to our families on Skype, showed them some gifts, and got passed around to chat with various relatives.  
A little bit later I made a turkey dinner, we ate, and let the kids go to bed without baths.   

Christmas Morning 33Christmas Morning 37

Chelsea ducked out of as many pictures as she could, aside from the ones that she is in with Hannah.  There was no escaping from those.

Christmas Morning 41Christmas Morning 42

It was a long day, but in a good way, fun and lazy.  We missed being with our families, of course, but if we had to be away from them, it was just right.  

Christmas Morning 38Christmas Morning 32