Christmas Visting

We went to Louisville the week before Christmas, and while we were there Jayce got to go to his first U of L basketball game.  He did seem to like it, though he spent as much time watching the game as he did dancing in the aisles in front of us, sitting on everyone’s laps and kicking popcorn pieces down to the aisle in front of us.


The game was against WKU, who they killed (sorry Matt).  But Jayce did get to meet The Topper, which he was thrilled about and insisted on repeatedly poking in the eye.  Luckily The Topper didn’t mind.


Jayce got to hang out with his little cousin.


He spent plenty of time reading and snuggling with his grandparents,


and insisted reading through these Franklin books every day, especially when he was supposed to be going to sleep.


We visited with his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa a few times, and of course I snuck some pictures.


Trying to get everyone to look in the same direction proved to be impossible, but at least no one was crying so it was still somewhat a success.






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