Christmas with the Keiths, Part 1

The Christmas festivities were in full swing in the Keith household, and Jayce was loving it.  He helped Melanie decorate a few dozen cookies, drowning them all in green sprinkles.


He discovered more fun games on each additional family member’s phones.  This is going to make mine, which only does numbers and letters (meaning the keypad), seem even more lame than it already does.


The dogs were in on the celebrations


and the gifts.


We got Andy this new hat, which he wore all night after opening it, so we think he liked it.


Jayce was so excited about each present, he continued to want every item opened and ready for play immediately after unwrapping it, and was really on sensory overload with all of the people around him giving him gifts, or who he could assist in unwrapping their gifts.


He got this great little chair that folds down into a desk, just like one that Chris had when he was his age.  Not coincidentally, it came in U of L colors, and had his name engraved in it.  With all of the excitement I couldn’t get him to look my way, but this is close enough.


Aunt Erin received these sexy under ware from Santa, which she is hiding behind.


Christmas morning pictures soon to follow.



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