Christmas with the Keiths, Part 2


For some reason on Christmas morning I didn’t get any present-opening pictures. I think everything was moving pretty quickly and I just never had a spare minute to grab the camera.


We did manage to get a few “pose by the tree pictures” though. Probably more interesting anyway.


Neither of these sweet little drooly girls is crawling completely yet, but it did look like they were about to race. In a few months I’m sure they will be.


We attempted an overly-ambitious photo of the 7 kids, taken by 4 moms and 2 grandmas simultaneously. We were each calling out to our kids to smile, look up, look over here, etc. Jayce had chapped lips that he kept messing with, and when I asked him to put his hand down, he moved into a choke position instead. Maybe this is what he thought of our impossible photo shoot.


We did get a few pictures of the whole family in front of the tree, which was overall a much more cooperative experience than with the kids.


Next we headed over to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s to exchange a few gifts. As always, Jayce was a bit unwrapping assistant for the day.




Even though there were no naps that day all was well. And it only took me 3 weeks to get completely caught up on blogging our Christmas celebrations, so I’m almost back on track!

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