Chuck E Cheese

One of the other fun things that we got to do in Ohio is meet up with my cousin Sarah and her son Timmy.  Sarah and I are about a year apart in age and had a lot of fun together while we were growing up.  Last fall, we both discovered that we were pregnant about a month apart from one another, and our boys have a 3 week age difference.  Unfortunately since they live in Washington D.C. we have never met each others boys, so we planned to get everyone together in Ohio.

Jayce and Timmy met up in Chuck E Cheese, with a mutual love for the fire engine…


and a mutual distaste for the mobile Chuck E Cheese.



Unfortunately, they didn’t have too much time to play together


but it looks like they bonded just a little.


Jayce was happy in the toddler area, but his heart was in the game beside it, which we eventually let him play,


and Timmy was loving the slide.


Jayce barely made it out of the parking lot before quickly falling into an overdue nap.  It was an overdue and successful play date!