Yesterday, Jayce and I were sitting on the couch reading a book.  He is normally kind of a bossy reader, meaning that he points out different pictures, and gets mad if I just read the story instead of telling him about whichever picture he is currently pointing at.  At one point, I realized that he wasn’t looking at the book anymore and was watching TV instead, so I glanced up at the screen.  It was a commercial with Jillian Michaels, talking about her workout video, or her website, or her super-ripped arms, I’m not sure which. 


Anyway, after watching for a few seconds, Jayce looked down at himself, pulled out the neck of his shirt and stuck his arm down into his shirt, fishing around for something.  I started patting him down a little and looked into his shirt, thinking that maybe there was a raisin or cheerio that had fallen in there and was sticking him, but there wasn’t.  He looked back up at the screen, and then used both hands to pull his shirt out and look down into it. 

I’m pretty sure he was looking for his boobs.  Funny kid.