Completely Different Animals: Hannah’s First Day

First Day of Preschool 2

So Hannah started preschool a few weeks ago, and in true Hannah-form, it couldn’t have gone any more differently than Jayce’s first day.  That is, the standard that they set when they were babies of responding completely differently to the same thing still rings true.  She was excited, she loved it, she is happy to go every day, she tells us all about her day and friends, etc.

First Day of Preschool 3First Day of Preschool 7

Then again, her school experience is very different than Jayce’s right now.  It is less of the tough things in almost every way.  The preschool options for Hannah that are near our new house all start about an hour or two after Jayce’s school starts, and end an hour or so before he finishes, so the logistics of how she would get there and what I would do with myself those few hours with end of pregnancy energy and discomfort…it just didn’t make sense and wasn’t worth it.

First Day of Preschool 1First Day of Preschool 5

We decided to put her in the preschool at Andy and Patsy’s church for the time being, and she really loves it.  It is only nine hours a week, so less than she went to school last year, but it’s a really great little school.  It keeps her busy, she is learning, she is burning off some energy, making friends, and she is maintaining the rhythm of a school day.

First Day of Preschool 8It also helps that she was already comfortable in the building before she started because we go to church there some weeks as well.  She is in the same area of the church, the same classrooms, and sees some of the same people.  She was never nervous, just charged right in like she’s been doing it for years, which is pretty in line with her personality right now.  While Jayce has been struggling to adjust and seems to be in a phase of testing us, Hannah is just as easygoing and amicable as she can be.  She is up for anything and just doesn’t want to be left out.  She’s been great.

Maren Dress at Erin Always 20Shortly after we move into our new house, which is looking like four or five weeks from now, we will move her to a different preschool that is close to our new house.  I don’t want to move her out of a school and place where she is comfortable, but as I’ve said, she is just SO easygoing right now that we think that it won’t be too difficult on her.  Plus a month or so after we move the baby will be arriving (hopefully not much sooner than that) so we’d like to not change every single thing in her life at exactly the same time.  Spacing them out a month or so apart is the best that we can do at this point! 🙂

Southport Dress at Erin Always 27Luckily this is also her second round of “preschool,” since she did Nursery last year in London, and we have already been talking to her about how she will have a “new cool preschool” when we move to our new house, and she is excited about that too.  

Overall she is just excited and happy and doing great.  Thank goodness.