Cookie Fiasco

I decided that for the first birthday of my first baby that I would attempt to be a bit domestic. Since we were having a big family party I thought that making “the cake” would be too much pressure, plus I was sharing the kitchen with mom and we were bringing several dishes to the party. So I enlisted the help of my sister and together we dove into a sugar cookie project.

One of my friends makes amazing sugar cookies for many occasions, and they are always delicious and adorable, and I was inspired by her ambition. Chelsea and I set out to make personalized, decorated, adorable little sugar cookies.
I will spare you all of the gory details, but it took lots of experimenting to get things the way that we wanted them. It took forever to cut out little stars, it was not easy to maintain their shape when we transferred to the pan, our too-thick dough made the “stars” balloon into “clouds” when baked, etc. But four hours later we were finished, with about four dozen cookies, and we were feeling a little proud of ourselves.

The next day at the party when I went to set out the cookies, I discovered that I will not buy the same icing again for any more cookies (the whipped kind, in case you are curious), because it didn’t harden well. And sadly, ever so sadly, most of the carefully applied decorations were stuck to the bottom of the wax paper, and peeled off. So we had half smiley faces, half “1”s, and sometimes entirely peeled off patterns. I sighed and set them out anyway.
Everyone still loved them, and they were still delicious. Even with the decorations partially removed people still commented on how cute they were. We still ate them, and obviously the birthday boy was completely oblivious. I decided that a good mom doesn’t need to produce a party that’s practically perfect in every way. It was Jayce’s first birthday party, and it was my first birthday party as a mom. I think the cookies were a darn good effort, and that counts for something.

Additionally, it is probably completely ridiculous that I have gone on for several paragraphs about these dumb cookies, but since I spent more time on them than all other preparatory aspects of the party, and needed to vent and brag a bit, I find it perfectly justified.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Fiasco

  1. I think they look great! Trust me, I learned the best icing the hard way, after many scary attempts. Yours a master pieces in comparison. By the way, I can’t believe Jayce is one! I think that Laurelei and I need to take some off this summer time off for a visit!

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