Jayce and I were in Ohio for a week to visit family, and as usual, had a great time and took too many pictures.  My next few posts will likely be a Week in Review sort of thing.

One of our top activities when we’re in town is visit with Jayce’s twin cousins.  My mom and sister see them several times a week so Jayce is brought up in conversation often, and they are regularly talking about him, asking about him, and seeing pictures of him.  As a result of this, whenever he does come around (only 4 times since he was born due to the distance), the twins almost don’t know what to do with the actual physical Jayce. 

2009_10_15_3667 When we were home this time last year, they seemed disappointed by his limitations as a 6 month old, and were often telling us things like “Baby Jayce can’t talk,” “Baby Jayce can’t walk,” or “I tried to give Baby Jayce my truck but he didn’t take it.”


This time apparently he was a lot more fun, because our reports were things such as “Baby Jayce smiled at me,” “Baby Jayce is pushing the truck,” and notably, from the bathroom, “Can you close the door? I don’t want Baby Jayce to smell my poop.”