While we were visiting in Louisville, Jayce and Hadley got some time to play together. There is almost 2 years between them, but are finally at the age where they can play together a bit. Jayce still needs to be reminded periodically to be careful, go slower and things like that since Hadley is obviously quite a bit smaller than he is, but they were really cute together.

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At one point, Jayce wasn’t listening and was put into time out on the steps. I went to the kitchen to set the timer, and when I came back, I discovered that Hadley had joined him on the steps. I imagine that I shouldn’t have, but I snuck off to get my camera.

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Jayce making Hadley give him a hug.

Vd 17

Being innocent.

Vd 18

Hadley and Hannah are just over a year apart in age, so next Christmas, these two girls will be the trouble-makers. Maybe I’ll get a picture of them all in time out together. I imagine there will be more than one opportunity for that.

Vd 21

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