Crayons and Heat

This is what happened when the heat index was 120 degrees. A mom was too hot to go outside for any length of time, so everyone stayed inside. A bored 2 year old made the most of his crayons in the amount of time that it took for his mom to walk outside to get the mail. (You will notice that there are all 7 colors represented here. He worked fast.)


This little episode took place when I changed the laundry over. Seriously! Jayce had never colored outside of the coloring book before this day, and he was on a rampage. So I made him clean up the scribbles with the magic eraser.


I then took him outside, hooked up the sprinkler and hosed both of us down. It was the only way to survive an attack on the walls.


2 thoughts on “Crayons and Heat

  1. Ahahaha… oh no! I can relate. My older daughter turns two on Monday. Recently she decorated my walls with pink Crayola. It was disastrous. I picked up those Crayola Window Crayons and I've been letting her go to down on the glass sliding door in the kitchen. It keeps her distracted for at least five minutes, which is a win in my book. 😛

    Just found your blog today. Digging it. 🙂

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