Crazy Allergies: Sick, Take 100

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Well, being healthy was a very short-lived victory that only lasted a few days around here. At my last report, the worst was behind us and we were all on the mend, but in the 2 weeks since that post, Jayce has picked up a sinus infection, and some other infection. Basically, he’s healthy for about a week, and then it’s downhill from there.

At our 5th doctor’s visit, we determined that allergies are probably at the root of the problem. Jayce wasn’t sick in any form from April 2010 to February 2011, which was when all hell broke loose around here (sickness wise). Since February, the weather has continued to flip flop back and forth anywhere from low 80s to low 30s, changing completely about every 4-5 days. We discovered last year (in that April visit that I just mentioned), that Jayce has spring allergies. The doctor recommended a medicine and nasal spray for him, and all was well. But these medicines did nothing for him this year.

The doctor thinks that Jayce’s allergies aren’t under control. So his already aggravated system gets an infection, he takes anti-biotics which kills the infection but obviously doesn’t help the allergies, which just flare up and cause another infection, we get more antibiotics, and around and around we go.

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We scheduled a consultation with an allergist a few weeks ago, which is this week. However, you cannot take any allergy medicine for 5 days leading up to your appointment because they could affect the outcome of any test results. So we have been off of allergy medicine for 4 days now. And Jayce is worse than ever, and I can’t do anything about it.

His nose is running constantly, which is annoying but not the worst part. What is worse is that his lungs are really congested, and about once per day (at least) he has a horrible coughing fit where he just cannot catch his breath. Today it was during his nap. He was trying to cough the congestion out of his lungs, but when he tried to draw in a breath he just pulled back into his lungs what he was trying to cough out, and started choking. It was horrible. His whole body was shuddering, he was crying and I just held him upright and tried to calm him down. At one point in between coughs he wailed, “Mom I go see doctor so my chest not hurt!!” It was bad. This is also on a day when Chris is out of town so I have no backup. It’s probably better because I don’t have the option of freaking out, and I have to hold it all together. So I’ll wait until he gets home to cry.

I called the doctor Friday, we went to the doctor Saturday, and I called again today. There are new antibiotics at the pharmacy for us now.

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All of this sickness has meant that Jayce has wanted extra snuggles throughout the day, and only wants me. Though sometimes it’s inconvenient, particularly on my poor bladder, I don’t mind obliging to this. So I shouldn’t be surprised that I now have a sinus infection as well.

I’m hoping for the best on Thursday. In an ideal world, the doctor would suggest a new course of treatment, which works, and we can avoid that skin scratch test that I (stupidly) googled and saw pictures of. I’m hoping not to cry that day as well.

Does anyone else have young kids with allergies? What medicines are they on? I’m looking for all the help I can get. And if you could say a quick prayer for us on Thursday, I’d really appreciate it.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Allergies: Sick, Take 100

  1. Hi Erin!

    My son is four, and he's had horrible allergies since about 22 months. We've tried everything under the sun including two different rounds of allergy testing that showed nothing more than seasonal allergies. What was interesting what that he only had 1 of the 14 antibodies necessary that fight things such as sinus infections, ear infections, congestion, etc. He had been a walking sinus infection for almost 6 months when they discovered this, and he received a pneumovax booster that upped his antibodies – and subsequently eliminated any sinus infections for over a year. He was on 4x daily nebulizer treatments until he turned three and since then he uses an inhaler daily along with Singulair. The coughing fits are the worst, especially at night, but the nebulizer always helps. Now that he's turned four we're about to switch inhalers in the hopes of weaning him off entirely. His pulmonologist suggested that 60-80% of children under the age of six who suffered from seasonal allergies (along with asthma such as his) will outgrow it, so there is hope.

    I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers – it's heartbreaking to see our babies suffer.

    Best of luck!

  2. aww your comment about not crying til chris gets home resonated with me. i have had the skin scratch test done to me personally, and it looks worse then it feels, if that's any help. i hope they figure out a treatment that will work for jayce right away!

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