Dancing to the Moon Song


I almost always have the sound turned off on my computer. I don’t really watch videos or anything, and since I do most of my “computer stuff” while Jayce is asleep and the house is quiet, it always really startles me when am on a web site or blog that I read often and discover that a playlist is embedded somewhere and some song is suddenly blaring from my computer. I don’t normally welcome these instances, other than one that happened recently.

One morning a few months ago Jayce was playing in the other room and I went to the gorgeous blog Dreamy Whites. After I sat on it for a few seconds a song started up and I quickly muted the computer. Jayce came running over and said, “Song Mom, song!!” so I un-muted it and Jayce started doing a little dance to the music. I watched him with an amused smile for a second, and then scooped him up and danced around the kitchen with him, both of us giggling.

The song is John Mayer’s “Half of My Heart” with Taylor Swift, although Jayce has affectionately named it, “The Moon Song.” (I really don’t know why.)

A few days later I was checking something on the computer and Jayce ran over and declared, “Song Mom, dance dance!” So I went back to Dreamy Whites, picked up Jayce and started dancing. After this, it became “a thing.” We danced to this song at least once a day for a few weeks. I’d scoop him up, he’d put his chin on my shoulder and instruct me to dance slow, and we would sway around the kitchen. After a few seconds of this he’d instruct me to dance fast, and I would spin us both around and around. Then we’d dance slow again, while his giggling calmed down and my dizziness subsided a bit, before he’d instruct me to dance fast. Each session of “dancing fast” would get faster and faster, until he eventually had his head and shoulders thrown back giggling and giggling. Luckily he’s still too young to see when I’m overcome by the sweetness of the moment and my eyes are full of tears. This little ritual has subsided a bit in the last few weeks, but can still be quickly brought to life if I suggest to him that we dance to the Moon Song.

When we were getting our photos done a few months ago, I said to him at one point, “Should we show Sarah how we dance?” and she took the above picture. It was the first image that I bought. To anyone else it looks like a picture of us laughing, but all that I see is us dancing.

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4 thoughts on “Dancing to the Moon Song

  1. I am seriously crying now. What an unbelievably precoius photo and amazingly precious story to go with it! I love that you treasure every little moment with your little guy. He sounds like such a sweetheart and it is obvious that he has some neat parents who are crazy about him! : )

    I just LOVE this post!

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