Day 1: Germany Bound

It is my intention to post 1 picture per day on the blog of what we’re up to. With the time change putting us at 7 hours ahead of the time at home, I’m hoping that I have the opportunity to do this since the “end” of our day will still be normal daytime hours at home. This is also one way that I might be able to keep people up to what we are doing, and force me to share a little bit of the trip at a time, instead of arriving home with thousands of pictures, and not the time or desire to sort back through them all and detail what we were up to. I recognize that giving myself a daily assignment such as this is a fairly lofty goal given our relatively full itinerary, and also contingent upon us quickly locating a power cord adapter for the laptop. However, I think I am up the the challenge.

We had a few near-shaky starts to our trip Wednesday morning. The first was Tuesday night. When we went to visit the Morrison’s, we took a diaper bag, a toy bag, a makeup bag, a clothes bag, and a camera bag. Guess which bag did not make it home with us? That’s right, the only bag of which the contents couldn’t have been easily replaced at Walgreens, the camera bag! Complete with new lens and backup battery specially purchased for this trip! Excellent. Luckily for us, Andy and Patsy insisted on making the 4 hour round trip drive to retrieve our camera, and got to have a few well-earned snuggles with their new grand baby as well.

Wednesday morning, about 20 minutes before we left for the airport, we discovered that that darn Icelandic volcano was erupting yet again! Luckily for us, it didn’t affect our trip that morning, but it has planted some anxiety in the back of my mind over what it may mean for our flight to Edinburgh in a week. Hopefully the air will be clear enough that there are no major interruptions and smooth flights all around.

Furthermore, we had a sad time leaving our little buddy on Wednesday. We left him at the house with his grandma, no use dragging out the goodbyes on the drive to the airport, and I made it all the way into the airport doors before I started sobbing. Luckily Chris took care of me, led me to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up, and then over the course of the day got me coffee, crumb cake, a margarita (it was Cinco De Mayo after all), a few books for the flight, and even let me pick what we watched on the flight. He’s good to me like that.

5 thoughts on “Day 1: Germany Bound

  1. Have fun Erin!!! We miss you here, but so glad you are having a great time. We'll say prayers for that beautiful Mommy heart of yours.


  2. Glad you've posted something! 🙂 We miss you guys, but we're SO excited for this trip for you guys!! (Have we said that enough yet?)

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